Monday, August 22, 2016

bebé dos:: eleven weeks

How far along: 11 weeks!
Gender: This is the final week we won't know!!!!!! ISN'T THAT INSANE? It really is awesome getting to know upfront, although I can see the downside too. (For example, if you miscarried later in the first trimester, you *might* be more attached knowing exactly WHO you lost. Although I don't think anything could possibly lighten the load of grief if that were to happen, so that seems pretty null and void.) I can't make up my mind about a feeling for who this baby is. I didn't wear the "good luck" ladybug bracelet to my bloodwork appointment like I did with Lilly (my sister gave it to me after wearing it to her gender-revealing ultrasound with Poppy, for good girl luck) because Drew legitimately wants a boy and I don't want either of us to be disappointed, so I don't want to lean one way more than the other and potentially get disappointed. Whoever this baby is, will be exactly what our family needs and will complete our family perfectly. Boy or girl, this child was wanted with every fiber of our being and will be loved with every fiber of our being.
Names we love: This is just where we run into issues. Julianna Cate is set. But boy? Drew's leaning Beau Wesley. I still lean towards Wallace or Whitaker, or something altogether completely different. We may not have a boy name in time for our gender reveal party, which will be Saturday, September 3!!!
Total weight gain: +2, I think. I have no idea what the official number is, but I have been eating like CRAP lately. Wouldn't be surprised if I have legitimately gained weight since I've not been working out but still eating all the cake, ice cream, cookies, bread, everything I shouldn't.
Clothes: Still wearing my normal attire but I'm reaching "busted can of biscuits" phase where I look bloated and fat rather than preggo.
Sleep: Relatively normal. I like my early bedtimes.
Cravings/Aversions: Cravings - Cake. Ice cream. Grits. Bread. Deli meat. Sushi. Literally anything I cannot have. Aversions - Indian food. Zoodles. Not too much.
Symptoms: A revisit of nausea this week, but milder. Major moodiness, crankiness, irritability. Impatience. 

Diabetes Management: Taking 2u of fast-acting insulin with dinner as of today.
Exercise: Walking around stores. #shoptilyoudrop
Mood: Happy now, but mostly irritable on an everyday basis.
Miss Anything: Nope.
Best Moment this week: Drew returning from Chicago, me being reunited with Lilly after not seeing her ALL DAY LONG yesterday!

Told Anyone? No one new.
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender in one week!!!!!! Gender reveal party next weekend! Getting this wedding over with Saturday!

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