Thursday, July 14, 2016

'fess sesh

Time to get some thoughts off my chest!

I confess...

My entire house is giving me major anxiety. Everything is filthy, needs to be majorly pared down and reorganized. Overflowing pantry, jumbled drawers, things hanging everywhere... We did laundry the night before we left vacay, so at least unpacking wasn't quite the disaster it could've been. But I'm in a clean-all-the-things mentality and SO overwhelmed now. Not to mention I'm doing it all for all three people living here -- Lilly's got a closet PACKED TO THE GILLS that desperately needs to get pared through.

(Why does my arm look disjointed from my body??!)

I've gone buck wild on summer sales lately. I'm mortified by how much clothing I've ordered. Nothing's expensive but it's the sheer quantity that I'm just dead over. Leggings, tees of long and short sleeve length, kimonos, makeup, shorts, crop tops (!!!). Gives me even more need to purge the hell out of all I own!

Life is getting expensive lately too -- broken dishwasher, broken toilet, totaled car, medical bills (for all 3 of us). Yikes!

(Because seersucker matching school sets are "required".... Ha!)

I started looking at Mother's Day out programs for Lilly yesterday and I'm totally out of my element. I know nothing about the timeline for enrolling, how to set up tours or how much we should interview and shop around… It also gives me major anxiety to entrust a school to take care of Lilly's severe peanut allergy. But I love the Christian "school" vibe and Lord knows I could benefit from some consistent childcare.

I am officially the worst at properly managing my time when I have sporadic childcare.

I legitimately forgot I have a wedding in two weeks and RSVP'd to a birthday party. Thank God I remembered once I actually thought about it! #easyclientprobs #stillbetterthanthealternative

That's all for now!

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