Friday, July 29, 2016

five on friday

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We scheduled Lilly's one year photo shoot for September in Germantown. Love love love that part of town -- it's like a little Charleston pocket of Nashville. I had a wedding meeting there on Wednesday and was admiring the architecture on this little house. Now, what on earth are we going to wear??


This was a good week for shoe sales. We went out Tuesday night for burritos and stop by Old Navy, where we found two super precious little pairs of sandals that fit Lilly. We asked her which one she wanted and she grabbed both at the same time. (The child is her mama's.) Even after trying to let her hold one while we took away the other, it was evident girlfriend had her eyes on both. 
I lucked out yesterday at Target when I landed a pair of $14 black Lainee pumps, like my favorite pair of leopard ones from last year. I threw out my last black heels a month ago in a shoe purge since my most loved pairs or worn out completely, looking like trash. 
I love the coral color way of the ones pictured above. Totally would've been perfect for my bridesmaids back in 2012… They're definitely the updated version of what my girls actually wore. 


Being sick with a toddler around is really hard. Tuesday I taught 5am yoga and was already feeling rough / sick to my stomach that morning, so the exhaustion just added to the difficulty. Fortunately MY toddler is the most considerate person I've ever met, so she let me nap during her two naps for almost a collective three hours (!!!). I am so grateful that God designed children to need as much sleep as they do!!


I've been hard at work this week planning wedding parties for a best friend that's getting married in October. Fortunately, the rest of my work wedding schedule is delightfully spread out over July, August, September, and December (albeit with a bunch of full planning clients for next summer), so I will have a few open weekends to host a bridal shower and bachelorette party before I MOH for Katie Oct. 22. We decided yesterday on a roaring-20s themed bachelorette (The perfect excuse to throw an all-out Gatsby party, right? I've been waiting for this since 2013!), so I've been checking out gold and black decor and bridal accessories and getting stoked. Especially since now wine is sold in grocery stores, there are really great options for sparkling wines in the $4-7 range (hooray!!!) so it's less expensive to stock up on wine that's inevitably going to be mixed in cocktails anyways. With every shower or bachelorette party a plan, I get a little bit wiser and understand a little bit more what things matter in what things are such a waste. My college roommate Julianna will be the last in our close friends group to get married, and I swear she's going to end up with the most legit destination bachelorette party weekend blowout ever. Pays to wait!


I'll be getting back in the swing of wedding directing as of tonight/tomorrow. I got a couple months of summer break from actual wedding dates, and tomorrow kicks off another "season." I've felt a little scatterbrained lately (dear Lord, I need to clean my house!), so hopefully everything will run smoothly and seamlessly. It's a simple ceremony and straightforward reception, so fingers crossed for ease and no stress for anyone involved!


Anything terribly exciting in your world this weekend? Weddings and wedding parties on the horizon? Or is it just "that phase" of my life right now? (It's totally #theyearofthewedding this year. I think every one of my college friends got married between December '15 - this fall!)

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