Friday, July 15, 2016

five on friday

It's that time! Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:

ONE:: new house

We're going to see Kat & Chad's brand new house this evening! So exciting! They had a looming home-buying process that dragged out forever with about eighty billion closing dates and rescheduling, but finally after they got back from their honeymoon it went through (HALLELUJAH!) and now they have it! Can't wait to see it. And maybe it'll inspire me to put a little more effort into sprucing up / tidying our house. It's been a while since I've changed out photos in frames or done any kind of improvement project. #survivalmode

TWO:: hot hot heat
(Sweating TO DEATH #glamorous) 

It has been INSANELY hot this summer... so bad we can't go outside to play, we start sweating the instant we walk outside or get in the car (no matter how high I blast the A/C), and our home A/C unit is fighting tooth and nail to get below 83 (!!!) when it's blistering outside. As much as I never want summer to end on one hand, I'll admit I have had fleeting thoughts about faux pumpkins and sweater weather and breaking out my booties. I feel like I'm cheating on summer just thinking that, but we also had two long, awesome beach vacations this month and last and don't have one coming up at the end of August (as we usually do)... so maybe it's just that my internal calendar feels like summer is coming to a close for some reason. Anyways, the heat index surely didn't get the memo in any case, so it'll be sweating weather forever regardless. Also -- all these damn Nordstrom sale posts are probably not helping my fall anticipation. But we haven't even gotten past our anniversary or birthdays! It is still summer, Kelly!!!! Embrace the pool days and watermelon, lady!

THREE:: eating clean

(zoodles & chicken parm, with the most divine arugula salad)

For the first time in years (probably), I've been eating 95% "clean" and it's legitimately making a difference in my energy levels and the way I feel on a daily basis. We discovered zoodles and made spaghetti squash (which I have hated since like 2006 because of a bad Ruby Tuesday's experience, should've known that there were better versions out there!) and cauliflower fried "rice" and my blood sugar has been perfect and my energy levels high! HOORAY! It's actually motivating to not indulge in cheats because the impact has been so significant. I did have one small chocolate chip cookie from my parents' house yesterday (it was freshly baked! so soft, so delicious!), but I'm going back to clean today.

FOUR:: baby gates

Baby gates have been the bane of my existence lately. We need one DESPERATELY at least to block off the bottom of the stairs where Lilly's always trying to make her grand ascent, but we've got a dumb banister to contend with and we're both kind of neurotic about not decreasing the value of the house. It looks like our option is to buy a wooden or metal gate and use this device with velcro (!!!) to keep it hanging onto the banister. I don't know about you, but velcro does not sound remotely safe to me when I think about things Lilly can pull off/down. Some of my local mom friends have made their own baby "gates" (more like a barrier) from tapestry fabric and a rigging system, so I'm looking into doing that with the remaining fabric from some burlap curtains we had in our apartment. It's still going to require 8 drilled holes so Drew's not a fan, but it's going to save us $100+ in buying all the shit that would otherwise be ugly / cause holes / probably not be all that sturdy anyways. SIGHHHH! #justmakeadecision!

FIVE:: early "alarm"

(Ok, ok... waking up to this is so worth it. Also - pigtails. Best invention ever.)

Ever since our Eastern time vacation, Lilly's been waking up at SIX. A. M. No. No no no no no. She WAS getting up at 7:45AM CST previous to this. While I am absolutely digging the two-hour nap that's now our norm midday and I will eventually get used to and appreciate the early required wakeup, it's not the easiest transition. Ughhhhh! 


Happy weekend, y'all! We'll be catching up with friends, lounging at the pool, and hopefully seeing some extended family in the next couple of days. Y'all got any exciting plans?!

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  1. I felt the heat from the hot sweaty picture... Embrace the pool and air- conditioning! Stopping by from the Friday Favorites linkup. - Mary