Monday, July 25, 2016

bebe dos:: seven weeks

How far along: 7 weeks - was thinking before that it changed on Tuesdays, but it's actually Mondays!

Gender: Feeling as of yesterday like it could very well be a boy! And I would be totally fine by that. Lilly would be such a great big sister to a little brother... I think they'd be so close, and he'd adore me (#mamasboy) and I'd get a Mother/Son dance at his wedding, and if he looked like a mini Drew I'd about die.
Names we love: Julianna Cate & Beau Wallace or Beau Wesley or Beau Whitaker.
Total weight gain: I'll need to check, but definitely still in the loss stage.
Clothes: Normal only. But I keeeeeeep buying more and more maternity clothes... Yikes!!! Designer jeans in two sizes (the first one will get too tight REEEEALLY fast, I'm anticipating), a plaid shirt, a utility jacket (#fallallthethings), really wanting a new pair of charcoal booties from Target, a hunter green faux leather bag, a black tunic, a pair of Zella crop leggings.... #WHYCANINOTCONTROLMYSELF?!
Sleep: Super tired. Give me all the naps.
Cravings/Aversions: Averse to most things. Never want to see a zoodle again. Or cauliflower... gag. Give me all the sausage tacos with shit tons of jalapeños and onion and guacamole and cheese. I also NEEDED a hot dog last weekend. Also majorly craving beans and bean burritos.
Symptoms: Sense of smell. Dizziness / faintness. Constant nausea when I'm not eating. Super moody / snappy.

Diabetes Management: Taking 4u of long-acting insulin at night. Not as great levels last week.
Exercise: Stair climbing.
Mood: Snappy, moody, complain-y.
Miss Anything: Carbs. Not feeling nauseous.
Best Moment this week: Anniversary and date night??

Told Anyone? Just close friends & family, still.
Looking forward to: Getting to second trimester so it's viable and confirmed and we know the gender, and so I don't feel this awful anymore!!!!!!

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