Tuesday, July 19, 2016

anniversary week

This Thursday will mark our fourth wedding anniversary!! It's kind of crazy to think we were getting married and in the throes of last-minute preparations just four years ago... Feels literally forever away now! My bachelorette party was the 19th -- lingerie shower, dinner, and games at Opryland Hotel with several close friends. I had a nail appointment canceled on me that morning which left me panicked (primarily because I was cheap -- why did I stress so much about finding one that was <$50??? It was just once!). 

Drew and I have had a few legitimate anniversary traditions we've practiced every year since we got married. I'm one of "those people" that actually watches my full length wedding film every year, so whenever July 21st rolls around we get plates of wedding cake (same flavors as the actual one, from the same baker), pour flutes of champagne or sip some coffee, and watch our nuptials, reminiscing over how we knew literally nada when we got married / how sweet and naïve we were. (I also totally put on my getaway dress for nostalgia's sake!)

Our first anniversary year we went to the Dominican Republic for a few days in April to celebrate the anni early. In 2014, we popped a nice bottle of Veuve in Charleston in early June "for our anniversary." Last year with a newborn we celebrated on our actual anniversary, since my sweet Granny was babysitting Lilly for meetings I had that day and stayed so Drew and I could go eat dinner at Husk.

This year, we'll do the traditional cake-and-coffee (we have a piece frozen from Lilly's birthday!) routine once Lilly goes to bed, and then celebrate with dinner at Bartaco Saturday night.

How do you celebrate your anniversary? Any fun traditions? Any particularly memorable past anniversaries? Do y'all do gifts? (We never have.)

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