Thursday, July 28, 2016

anniversary date night

Welp, we made it to four years! Last Thursday was our actual anniversary. We had grand plans of doing our traditional eating-cake-and-watching-our-wedding-film but I had to teach 5am hot yoga that morning and Lilly's been a handful during the day, so we turned in early both Thursday AND Friday nights instead of wild partying and celebrating. We did get to do a date night Saturday and went to the long-awaited Bartaco (which is where we tried to go several months ago but had like a 47-person wait! Yikes!). 

Saturday morning I had a potential client meeting so Drew hung out with BooBoo until I got back around lunchtime. I dropped LB off with mom in the early afternoon, and then took a glorious nap (have I mentioned Lilly's been waking up at like 5:45AM?!????!?), and we got dressed and ready to eat an early dinner at the hotspot Mexican joint in 12th South. That part of town has grown up SO MUCH since our college days -- it looks 100% different than it did when Drew lived off Lawrence!

We had zero wait time (HOORAY!) for our 4:30PM reservation, and we tried the Ceviche & Taco Sampler (chicken & fish tacos, pork tamales, guacamole, spicy cucumber salad and slaw). It was all delicious but maybe not AS good as the hype.

Of course once we got home, I had to try back on my getaway dress and consider wearing it out in public. Comfort won.

We ended the evening chatting with Drew & Brit over a pitcher of margaritas at Nacho's (yes, two Mexican restaurants in a row!). 

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