Friday, July 29, 2016

five on friday

It's that time! Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:


We scheduled Lilly's one year photo shoot for September in Germantown. Love love love that part of town -- it's like a little Charleston pocket of Nashville. I had a wedding meeting there on Wednesday and was admiring the architecture on this little house. Now, what on earth are we going to wear??


This was a good week for shoe sales. We went out Tuesday night for burritos and stop by Old Navy, where we found two super precious little pairs of sandals that fit Lilly. We asked her which one she wanted and she grabbed both at the same time. (The child is her mama's.) Even after trying to let her hold one while we took away the other, it was evident girlfriend had her eyes on both. 
I lucked out yesterday at Target when I landed a pair of $14 black Lainee pumps, like my favorite pair of leopard ones from last year. I threw out my last black heels a month ago in a shoe purge since my most loved pairs or worn out completely, looking like trash. 
I love the coral color way of the ones pictured above. Totally would've been perfect for my bridesmaids back in 2012… They're definitely the updated version of what my girls actually wore. 


Being sick with a toddler around is really hard. Tuesday I taught 5am yoga and was already feeling rough / sick to my stomach that morning, so the exhaustion just added to the difficulty. Fortunately MY toddler is the most considerate person I've ever met, so she let me nap during her two naps for almost a collective three hours (!!!). I am so grateful that God designed children to need as much sleep as they do!!


I've been hard at work this week planning wedding parties for a best friend that's getting married in October. Fortunately, the rest of my work wedding schedule is delightfully spread out over July, August, September, and December (albeit with a bunch of full planning clients for next summer), so I will have a few open weekends to host a bridal shower and bachelorette party before I MOH for Katie Oct. 22. We decided yesterday on a roaring-20s themed bachelorette (The perfect excuse to throw an all-out Gatsby party, right? I've been waiting for this since 2013!), so I've been checking out gold and black decor and bridal accessories and getting stoked. Especially since now wine is sold in grocery stores, there are really great options for sparkling wines in the $4-7 range (hooray!!!) so it's less expensive to stock up on wine that's inevitably going to be mixed in cocktails anyways. With every shower or bachelorette party a plan, I get a little bit wiser and understand a little bit more what things matter in what things are such a waste. My college roommate Julianna will be the last in our close friends group to get married, and I swear she's going to end up with the most legit destination bachelorette party weekend blowout ever. Pays to wait!


I'll be getting back in the swing of wedding directing as of tonight/tomorrow. I got a couple months of summer break from actual wedding dates, and tomorrow kicks off another "season." I've felt a little scatterbrained lately (dear Lord, I need to clean my house!), so hopefully everything will run smoothly and seamlessly. It's a simple ceremony and straightforward reception, so fingers crossed for ease and no stress for anyone involved!


Anything terribly exciting in your world this weekend? Weddings and wedding parties on the horizon? Or is it just "that phase" of my life right now? (It's totally #theyearofthewedding this year. I think every one of my college friends got married between December '15 - this fall!)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

anniversary date night

Welp, we made it to four years! Last Thursday was our actual anniversary. We had grand plans of doing our traditional eating-cake-and-watching-our-wedding-film but I had to teach 5am hot yoga that morning and Lilly's been a handful during the day, so we turned in early both Thursday AND Friday nights instead of wild partying and celebrating. We did get to do a date night Saturday and went to the long-awaited Bartaco (which is where we tried to go several months ago but had like a 47-person wait! Yikes!). 

Saturday morning I had a potential client meeting so Drew hung out with BooBoo until I got back around lunchtime. I dropped LB off with mom in the early afternoon, and then took a glorious nap (have I mentioned Lilly's been waking up at like 5:45AM?!????!?), and we got dressed and ready to eat an early dinner at the hotspot Mexican joint in 12th South. That part of town has grown up SO MUCH since our college days -- it looks 100% different than it did when Drew lived off Lawrence!

We had zero wait time (HOORAY!) for our 4:30PM reservation, and we tried the Ceviche & Taco Sampler (chicken & fish tacos, pork tamales, guacamole, spicy cucumber salad and slaw). It was all delicious but maybe not AS good as the hype.

Of course once we got home, I had to try back on my getaway dress and consider wearing it out in public. Comfort won.

We ended the evening chatting with Drew & Brit over a pitcher of margaritas at Nacho's (yes, two Mexican restaurants in a row!). 

Monday, July 25, 2016

bebe dos:: seven weeks

How far along: 7 weeks - was thinking before that it changed on Tuesdays, but it's actually Mondays!

Gender: Feeling as of yesterday like it could very well be a boy! And I would be totally fine by that. Lilly would be such a great big sister to a little brother... I think they'd be so close, and he'd adore me (#mamasboy) and I'd get a Mother/Son dance at his wedding, and if he looked like a mini Drew I'd about die.
Names we love: Julianna Cate & Beau Wallace or Beau Wesley or Beau Whitaker.
Total weight gain: I'll need to check, but definitely still in the loss stage.
Clothes: Normal only. But I keeeeeeep buying more and more maternity clothes... Yikes!!! Designer jeans in two sizes (the first one will get too tight REEEEALLY fast, I'm anticipating), a plaid shirt, a utility jacket (#fallallthethings), really wanting a new pair of charcoal booties from Target, a hunter green faux leather bag, a black tunic, a pair of Zella crop leggings.... #WHYCANINOTCONTROLMYSELF?!
Sleep: Super tired. Give me all the naps.
Cravings/Aversions: Averse to most things. Never want to see a zoodle again. Or cauliflower... gag. Give me all the sausage tacos with shit tons of jalapeños and onion and guacamole and cheese. I also NEEDED a hot dog last weekend. Also majorly craving beans and bean burritos.
Symptoms: Sense of smell. Dizziness / faintness. Constant nausea when I'm not eating. Super moody / snappy.

Diabetes Management: Taking 4u of long-acting insulin at night. Not as great levels last week.
Exercise: Stair climbing.
Mood: Snappy, moody, complain-y.
Miss Anything: Carbs. Not feeling nauseous.
Best Moment this week: Anniversary and date night??

Told Anyone? Just close friends & family, still.
Looking forward to: Getting to second trimester so it's viable and confirmed and we know the gender, and so I don't feel this awful anymore!!!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2016

nordstrom sale picks

Why is it so hard to resist the #Nsale this year?! Last year was the first time it was really on my radar, and I just ignored it for the most part (after swooning over everyone's blog coverage of it -- which began my obsession for booties last fall...) and didn't buy anything. I finally tried out the Zella leggings this winter and fell madly in love (lululemon quality and fit with half the price??! Yes please!), intending to get another pair this time the big sale rolled around.

I excitedly looked forward to this year's sale picks, maybe because it's so dang hot here in Nashville that I am actually hoping for fall weather soon (God forbid). 

So far, this is what's on my wishlist:

Zella "Live In" Crops
I love the full length so much and would love a solid black pair (since I have brightly colored Lilly crops and a pink-waisted Lulu pair).

BP. Faux Leather Saddle Crossbody Bag

I'm always a fan of hunter green leather, and I've been needing a smaller handbag since my pink Matt & Nat bag is just a teensy bit too big for date nights / the sort. I have to carry a massive diaper bag everywhere I go on a daily basis, so this makes me feel a little more delicate!

BLANKNYC 'All or Nothing' Knit Drape Faux Leather Jacket

I saw this on Natasha's blog and swoon... seems like the perfect warm but not too heavy (I'm looking at you, peacoats) winter jacket, goes with everything, drapey just like I like it, and a little edgy.

BP. Long Sleeve Tunic Tee

There's something about basics that I just love stocking up on. A comfortable solid tee can go perfectly under vests, cute jackets, get layered over jeans, dressed up with jewels, you name it. Comes in four colors -- I'd love black or burgundy.

Sam Edelman 'Penny' Boot (Women)

These are just on normal sale, so not a huge discount, but I have been looking for a perfect pair of gray riding boots. I wear my cognac colored ones ALL THE TIME in the fall / winter, so I think a gray pair would be another great neutral. Throw them over dark jeans, black leggings, under dresses, everything.

What did you manage to snag?! Anything so perfect you couldn't imagine life without it? Did you get anything on my wishlist? -- insight appreciated!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

anniversary week

This Thursday will mark our fourth wedding anniversary!! It's kind of crazy to think we were getting married and in the throes of last-minute preparations just four years ago... Feels literally forever away now! My bachelorette party was the 19th -- lingerie shower, dinner, and games at Opryland Hotel with several close friends. I had a nail appointment canceled on me that morning which left me panicked (primarily because I was cheap -- why did I stress so much about finding one that was <$50??? It was just once!). 

Drew and I have had a few legitimate anniversary traditions we've practiced every year since we got married. I'm one of "those people" that actually watches my full length wedding film every year, so whenever July 21st rolls around we get plates of wedding cake (same flavors as the actual one, from the same baker), pour flutes of champagne or sip some coffee, and watch our nuptials, reminiscing over how we knew literally nada when we got married / how sweet and naïve we were. (I also totally put on my getaway dress for nostalgia's sake!)

Our first anniversary year we went to the Dominican Republic for a few days in April to celebrate the anni early. In 2014, we popped a nice bottle of Veuve in Charleston in early June "for our anniversary." Last year with a newborn we celebrated on our actual anniversary, since my sweet Granny was babysitting Lilly for meetings I had that day and stayed so Drew and I could go eat dinner at Husk.

This year, we'll do the traditional cake-and-coffee (we have a piece frozen from Lilly's birthday!) routine once Lilly goes to bed, and then celebrate with dinner at Bartaco Saturday night.

How do you celebrate your anniversary? Any fun traditions? Any particularly memorable past anniversaries? Do y'all do gifts? (We never have.)

Monday, July 18, 2016

bebé dos:: six weeks

How far along: 6 weeks
Gender: I lean more towards girl but I'm open to a boy.
Names we love: Julianna Cate & Beau Wallace
Total weight gain: -4 as of this morning
Clothes: Normal. Wearing the tight, constricting things as I can. My stretchy-waist J Crew shorts are pretty constricting though...
Sleep: Normal. A little fatigue in general as far as getting around goes, but nothing debilitating.
Cravings/Aversions: Averse to anything strong-smelling. Everything sounds a little gross but I'm still eating. Always want ice cream.
Symptoms: Sense of smell. Dizziness / faintness. Abdominal pain if I stretch / turn too quickly.

Diabetes Management: Prescribed insulin for fasting BS.
Exercise: Nothing really.
Mood: Snappy, moody, but okay.
Miss Anything: Wine.
Best Moment this week: Great weekend with friends -- hung out with Kat & Chad, Drew & Brit, Julianna & Kiggans. Told Julianna about her namesake potential girl baby and she's THRILLED!

Told Anyone? Just close friends & family
Looking forward to: Getting to second trimester so it's viable and confirmed and we know the gender!

Friday, July 15, 2016

five on friday

It's that time! Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:

ONE:: new house

We're going to see Kat & Chad's brand new house this evening! So exciting! They had a looming home-buying process that dragged out forever with about eighty billion closing dates and rescheduling, but finally after they got back from their honeymoon it went through (HALLELUJAH!) and now they have it! Can't wait to see it. And maybe it'll inspire me to put a little more effort into sprucing up / tidying our house. It's been a while since I've changed out photos in frames or done any kind of improvement project. #survivalmode

TWO:: hot hot heat
(Sweating TO DEATH #glamorous) 

It has been INSANELY hot this summer... so bad we can't go outside to play, we start sweating the instant we walk outside or get in the car (no matter how high I blast the A/C), and our home A/C unit is fighting tooth and nail to get below 83 (!!!) when it's blistering outside. As much as I never want summer to end on one hand, I'll admit I have had fleeting thoughts about faux pumpkins and sweater weather and breaking out my booties. I feel like I'm cheating on summer just thinking that, but we also had two long, awesome beach vacations this month and last and don't have one coming up at the end of August (as we usually do)... so maybe it's just that my internal calendar feels like summer is coming to a close for some reason. Anyways, the heat index surely didn't get the memo in any case, so it'll be sweating weather forever regardless. Also -- all these damn Nordstrom sale posts are probably not helping my fall anticipation. But we haven't even gotten past our anniversary or birthdays! It is still summer, Kelly!!!! Embrace the pool days and watermelon, lady!

THREE:: eating clean

(zoodles & chicken parm, with the most divine arugula salad)

For the first time in years (probably), I've been eating 95% "clean" and it's legitimately making a difference in my energy levels and the way I feel on a daily basis. We discovered zoodles and made spaghetti squash (which I have hated since like 2006 because of a bad Ruby Tuesday's experience, should've known that there were better versions out there!) and cauliflower fried "rice" and my blood sugar has been perfect and my energy levels high! HOORAY! It's actually motivating to not indulge in cheats because the impact has been so significant. I did have one small chocolate chip cookie from my parents' house yesterday (it was freshly baked! so soft, so delicious!), but I'm going back to clean today.

FOUR:: baby gates

Baby gates have been the bane of my existence lately. We need one DESPERATELY at least to block off the bottom of the stairs where Lilly's always trying to make her grand ascent, but we've got a dumb banister to contend with and we're both kind of neurotic about not decreasing the value of the house. It looks like our option is to buy a wooden or metal gate and use this device with velcro (!!!) to keep it hanging onto the banister. I don't know about you, but velcro does not sound remotely safe to me when I think about things Lilly can pull off/down. Some of my local mom friends have made their own baby "gates" (more like a barrier) from tapestry fabric and a rigging system, so I'm looking into doing that with the remaining fabric from some burlap curtains we had in our apartment. It's still going to require 8 drilled holes so Drew's not a fan, but it's going to save us $100+ in buying all the shit that would otherwise be ugly / cause holes / probably not be all that sturdy anyways. SIGHHHH! #justmakeadecision!

FIVE:: early "alarm"

(Ok, ok... waking up to this is so worth it. Also - pigtails. Best invention ever.)

Ever since our Eastern time vacation, Lilly's been waking up at SIX. A. M. No. No no no no no. She WAS getting up at 7:45AM CST previous to this. While I am absolutely digging the two-hour nap that's now our norm midday and I will eventually get used to and appreciate the early required wakeup, it's not the easiest transition. Ughhhhh! 


Happy weekend, y'all! We'll be catching up with friends, lounging at the pool, and hopefully seeing some extended family in the next couple of days. Y'all got any exciting plans?!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

'fess sesh

Time to get some thoughts off my chest!

I confess...

My entire house is giving me major anxiety. Everything is filthy, needs to be majorly pared down and reorganized. Overflowing pantry, jumbled drawers, things hanging everywhere... We did laundry the night before we left vacay, so at least unpacking wasn't quite the disaster it could've been. But I'm in a clean-all-the-things mentality and SO overwhelmed now. Not to mention I'm doing it all for all three people living here -- Lilly's got a closet PACKED TO THE GILLS that desperately needs to get pared through.

(Why does my arm look disjointed from my body??!)

I've gone buck wild on summer sales lately. I'm mortified by how much clothing I've ordered. Nothing's expensive but it's the sheer quantity that I'm just dead over. Leggings, tees of long and short sleeve length, kimonos, makeup, shorts, crop tops (!!!). Gives me even more need to purge the hell out of all I own!

Life is getting expensive lately too -- broken dishwasher, broken toilet, totaled car, medical bills (for all 3 of us). Yikes!

(Because seersucker matching school sets are "required".... Ha!)

I started looking at Mother's Day out programs for Lilly yesterday and I'm totally out of my element. I know nothing about the timeline for enrolling, how to set up tours or how much we should interview and shop around… It also gives me major anxiety to entrust a school to take care of Lilly's severe peanut allergy. But I love the Christian "school" vibe and Lord knows I could benefit from some consistent childcare.

I am officially the worst at properly managing my time when I have sporadic childcare.

I legitimately forgot I have a wedding in two weeks and RSVP'd to a birthday party. Thank God I remembered once I actually thought about it! #easyclientprobs #stillbetterthanthealternative

That's all for now!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

bebé dos:: five weeks

How far along: 5 weeks!

Gender: no clue! I go back and forth on this daily. I would LOVE to have two daughters who could be sisters, but I've heard so many lovely things about being a boy mom, and most of the sister/brother pairs I know adore each other and don't fight quite as much in the long run. So we'll see!
Names we love: Julianna Cate & Beau Whitaker/Wallace. Revealing at our gender reveal when that time comes!
Total weight gain/loss: at 121 now, so -2?
Clothes: I'm trying to dress up regularly so I'm in a white and neon coral shift dress today. PJ shorts felt a little snug in the waist; maybe bloat? Trying to wear my super tight stuff while I can! Wearing shorts that will not be so forgiving, tight tops, and my XSs/0s, etc.
Sleep: A little fatigue but nothing debilitating yet. I will be exhausted tonight after teaching at 5am. I wanted to go to bed at 8pm last night.
Cravings/Aversions: I have super smell powers, so anything strong makes me sick. Don't want avocados, do want meat/cheese/burgers/eggs. Drew made spaghetti squash and meatballs last night and even though I turned up my nose at first, OH MY GAHHH it was the best thing I've ever put in my mouth!
Symptoms: Sense of smell! Lightheaded. Emotional... cried last night for the first time, after getting overwhelmed by my OB and T1D info packets I got in the mail and read.

Diabetes Management: So far, doing well. High levels on vacay, but getting a handle this week... Winning meals include almond butter + greek yogurt, meatballs & spaghetti squash, pork tenderloin & veggies, shortribs & zucchini.
Exercise: Need to do my Barre3 now we're home! We mall-walked yesterday but it's been too hot to go outside.
Mood: Snappy, sad for my sister-in-law (who cried at our announcement).
Miss Anything: Wine already. Sigh. Would've loved to have picked up a bottle of Prosecco at Trader Joe's yesterday!
Best Moment this week: All of vacay was exquisite! Especially getting that positive pregnancy test (FINALLY) last Wednesday.
Looking forward to: My first ultrasound and OB appt is August 8! Less than a month until I'm 27!

Upcoming Milestones:
- Our fourth wedding anniversary (July 21)
- My birthday (August 7)
- First Ultrasound/OB appointment (August 8)
- Drew's birthday (August 16)

family vacay recap

We returned Sunday night from a fantastic weeklong vacation at Tybee Island, GA, with my family. It was our first weeklong trip as a family (Mom said she's never left home for a full week before!!!), and the first full family trip since 2011 (!!!). Lilly LOVED being aroun her cousins all week and has since decided she's an 8-year-old and completely independent. She also learned from 4-yo Poppy how to throw a mean tantrum. 😁

{playing with the Princess Poppy book!}

{Sunset kisses!}

{my little firecracker!}

{model baby!}

We stayed in a super nice 3-bedroom beachfront condo with a balcony. Drew and I lucked out because we got the King suite (#becausebaby)... my poor Mom slept on the pullout couch. We had a blast in the water (the ocean was PERFECT every day!), playing Things late at night with the grownups, going for early morning walks (admittedly I only got up to do this one day.. whoops), watching gorgeous fireworks on the beach, nighttime swims and pool bar hopping, and shopping at Seaside Sisters. I got a pretty turquoise and grey and gold fringe beaded bracelet stack there (for maximum impact -- you can wear it daily!). Drew and I even got to go on a date night in Savannah!! We had the shrimp bacon quesadilla and ahi tuna pizza at Treylor Park's Biergarten. It was lovely ambiance but the quesadilla was way better than the pizza.

{Date Night!}

{wouldn't he be a great multi-girl dad?? ;)}
{matching muu-muus!}

{the importance of bedtime!}


{mid-meltdown, lol}

Overall, perfect vacay. Relaxing, no pressure, plenty of beach and pool time, no sunburns (!!!), not too much overindulging, not too many tantrums, lots of Grandma assistance... perfection.

Now, onto taking care of a toddler throwing her book off the highchair because she is #notamused... #backtoreality!