Wednesday, May 4, 2016

toddler meals

Our pediatrician is slightly concerned about Lilly's weight since it plateaued a bit after 6 months -- and by that, I mean she weighed 17lbs at 6 months, 17lbs 13oz at 7 months, and weighs 17lb 3oz today. Part of it is the fact that she was sick earlier this week, but she's a petite thing, and her sweet baby chub and rolls has definitely slimmed down a lot over the last half-year.

(The height of baby chub -- five months!)

(My long, lean toddler!)

Ideas for fattening up my sweet little bit:

- 10% milk fat Greek yogurt with raspberries, bananas, or fill-in-the-blank

- ice cream sandwiches (This was my sister's suggestion from past experience. Only issue is Lilly refuses to eat it!)
- whole milk during snacks
- shredded cheese -- Lilly loves feeding herself when I pour her a little stack!
- avocado (babies love guacamole! Ok, who DOESN'T?)

I tried to do peanut butter and banana but Lilly is apparently either deathly allergic to tree nuts (cringe!) or it was NOT great timing, because we ended up headed to the ER and now have an EpiPen. YIKES!

What other suggestions do you have for chubbifying a baby? She's never had issues being a chunk as a tiny tot, it's only been since months 7 - 12 that she's slowed down on the growth curve. Is this just her evening out with crawling and staying active? Doctor wants me to keep breastfeeding as long as possible but maybe we should supplement more with whole milk?

Dilemmas dilemmas! Insight appreciated!

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