Thursday, May 12, 2016

thirty days and counting!

Thirty days until our friendcation '16! We are so looking forward to 5 nights in Port St Joe, Florida with two of our best couple-friends (and Lilly's boyfriend Henry).

(throwback to our last friendcation -- circa '07! how has it almost been 10 years?!)

Of course our vacay is bookended by a crazy busy whirlwind of events -- I have a wedding May 21, then it's Memorial Day weekend (thank goodness I don't have any weddings that week, for the first time EVER), then we celebrate Henry's birthday, then we attend my friend Julia's wedding, then we drive to Memphis for me to Matron of Honor in Kat's rehearsal dinner and wedding, then we drive back to Nashville (that same night), then it's Sara's 1st birthday party, then we leave for Florida!

I've been working out the past week to get ready for swimsuit season and my extremely clingy-fabric bridesmaid dress for Kat's wedding. I tried out Barre3's online workouts and thus far I'm in love! It's actually amazing how fast they go by, you can pick and choose even a super short 10-minute workout and still get SOMETHING accomplished, they actually stretch at the end so you have a little cool-down. I would obviously prefer to go to Barre3's studio classes but it just hasn't been practical for our everyday lives, between budgeting and making the time to drive to the studio, arrange for childcare (or pay for their in-house childcare, which granted I TOTALLY appreciate the option of!), and fitting their set schedules. Barre3's online workouts can be done in my home office on a yoga mat (with one of Lilly Beth's bouncy balls!).

Other things we're looking into getting for our trip:

- A sturdy beach cart to lug everything
- 2 comfy lounge chairs
- A new swimsuit for Drew (I think I'm just going to resign myself to wearing the modest ones I got last year and my old ones from 2014 & back, since the bra tops now fit my shrunken chest)
- A misting handheld fan
- A weighted beach blanket

Definitely going to refer to this when we're packing. Can't forget swim diapers (need to check to see if they fit her!) and baby powder!

Other things we've got that we're bringing:

- Lilly's flamingo pool floatie
- Lilly's blue-trimmed bonnet
- the duckie blowup baby pool for a mini saltwater pool on the beach
- Lilly's hooded towel that I need to monogram as soon as my aqua embroidery thread ships in!

Nothing like vacation and anticipating it! People say the best part of vacation is the planning... I can't say I wholeheartedly disagree, but I am definitely looking forward to the actual execution too. Maybe we'll bring some diet margarita mix and tequila for the beach, too. Mama's got to have some kind of fruity cocktail!

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