Tuesday, May 3, 2016

last-minute Mother's Day picks

I didn't "get it" before, but I certainly do now that I'm a mother -- it's important to honor those who birthed you, raised you, reared you, and essentially made you who you are today. It's not easy giving up your body / boobs / previous identity / showering time / marriage / whatever else, but obviously worth it. Still, it's nice to be appreciated with a present or "thank you" from time to time. Maybe one of the parts of childbirth is that your love language shifts a little bit further onto the "Gifts" portion. Or maybe that's just me. ;) Anyways, it's definitely not recommended to not even say "Happy Mother's Day" to your beloved one on her first-ever mother's day... talk about resentment city. My sister says every Mother's Day is disappointing so get used to it. But I'd like to think that maybe, just maybe, there's a silver lining and now that we know better we can do better to make it a lovely day.

We don't have big Mother's Day plans this year (one year I'll host a big brunch with champagne and frittatas, I'm telling you), but I am at least not dropping the ball on the two most important moms in our lives -- Grandma (my mom) and Grandmomma Cass (Drew's stepmom / Lilly's grandmother). 

I would love to have images from Lilly's first birthday party to print out and gift them (maybe!), but at least for now they'll get a couple lovely things to brighten their day.

Here are some other gift ideas if you're drawing a blank!

(I don't think I've met a woman yet who doesn't like SOMETHING Kendra Scott does/makes. Maybe I'm crazy, but I saw this on another wedding planner friend of mine and fell in LOVE. Adore! This is something you'd wear daily!)

A massage or manicure gift card
(Impossible to go wrong with this. Pedicures are a plus!)

(No one is surprised that Lilly makes the list! Love these precious stud earrings -- such a cute twist on the classic pearl studs I wear daily.)

Champagne and peonies
(Ditto my last sentiment. Who doesn't love the smell of fresh peonies, or a sparkling bottle of bubbly?!)

A tropical vacay!
(And this super cute hat to mark the occasion!)

What are you gifting your loved ones this Mother's Day? Flowers? Jewelry? Hazelnut dark chocolate? Veuve? 

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