Friday, May 13, 2016

five on friday

It's that time! Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:

one - mother's day loot

I was sufficiently spoiled ROTTEN for Mother's Day this year. Drew really wanted to make up for dropping the ball on my first one, so I got Starbucks, a nap, a funny card, potted lilies (I'm actually going to plant these!), and the most drop-dead gorgeous Kendra Scott druzy pendant necklace that I am madly in love with and will wear daily for all eternity. I'm not anticipating any other Mother's Days to be this gifty (it's all about the breakfast in bed and handmade cards!) but the "gift love language" part of me feels very cared-about, thought-about, and appreciated. And spoiled. :)

two - jacks

While we're talking about materialistic things, I got my first pair of Jack Rogers sandals (ON SALE!) this week! They're everything I could've wanted in a pair of Jacks -- glittery, metallic, super comfortable, well-made, classic design, made to last. They will accompany all my Lilly clothes perfectly and by my first non-Target sandals... i.e., won't fall apart in a couple of wears and need to be replaced seasonally. When you think about it, it's more economical in the long run to get a nice pair of classic sandals so I'm not replacing a $16 pair every year.

three - zika virus

It's finally gotten my attention (thanks mom). Especially as I just scratched a bug bite on my right leg, I'm sufficiently aware and concerned about Zika and all my preggo friends / friends of childbearing age since the birth defects it can cause are irreversible and untreatable. Why does this have to exist?! Why do stupid people keep going to South America / Central America / the Caribbean so they can spread it at home? I get it --- everyone who's getting married is going to go on a tropical vacation, probably get a mosquito bite, and then they have it. But with summer well on its way, mosquitos are AWFUL in the Southeast. Really worried it's going to spread like wildfire in a couple of months. AGH!!! Why do we have to worry about THIS now, on top of everything else? Why is it so hard to just have healthy children?

four - work

Why is May the most nightmarish of all wedding months? Seriously, the past two Mays have been pretty dang awful wedding-work-wise. Situations have arisen that just blow my mind, should never have happened, and get me literal nightmares. Thank goodness June is historically a chill month and all I'll have to worry about is being a MOH. I need a mojito...

five - momming two

Okay, I use this term loosely. What I mean to say is -- I survived babysitting another baby under 1 while I had Lilly at home! I survived a full six hours of watching someone else's child! Kat's nanny is out of the country this week so LB and I hung out with baby Jackson on Wednesday. It went great! Of course they were like revolving doors of naptime - one down at noon, the other down at one (while the first one got up at one), then the first one back down at two (while the second got up at two), but at least that meant I only had to juggle two babies at once from 8:30 - 12. I even got a hot shower too! Little victories!

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  1. I totally believe in investing in a few different types of shoes - sandals, flats, and sneakers! For sandals I love Jack Rogers and Tory Burch Millers. They've lasted me for years! That necklace is so so pretty - hubby did good =0)

    Stopping over from the link up. Would love if you popped by my blog as well. Have a great weekend!