Monday, April 18, 2016

weekend recap:: kat's bach

Monday, Monday... this one's feeling a lot less Monday and a lot more exciting because it's Lilly Beth's birthday week! One year ago today Drew and I were attending childbirthing classes at our hospital, faking out instagram followers with cryptic images of me in front of L&D, and getting freaked out by birth videos and everything that was coming FAST. I had gotten a pedicure on the 17th after my OB appointment (report had been 80% effaced and 2cm) and the carseat was installed, ready to receive little Miss.

How time flies!!

I've already been trying to weep it all out before her big day arrives -- made Drew play sappy Zac Brown Band songs (actually, Lilly's specific song -- Song for a Daughter) on the ride home last night so I could ugly cry a little bit. Success!!

This past weekend marked a potential client meeting, attending a rehearsal dinner for Drew's coworker, throwing Kat's bachelorette party, and recovering with errands and family dinner last night.

(the setup!)

(snuggles before heading out!)

(pink glitter, obvy)

(bride to be!)


All in all -- it was fun, we party hard, I'm too old for this sh*t, but WOO Kat's getting married in 53 days! Onto puppy pawty plans!

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