Thursday, April 7, 2016

'fess sesh

I do confess... (linking with Jess!) 

I was super hesitant about last night's bootcamp class at my yoga studio, but I went and I enjoyed it profusely and I may even go back. (Shocker!!)

It's been since November (we looked) that Drew and I have had a baby-free, only-us date night. We're remedying that tomorrow PM. 

(November 9 - our last "date night." Went to a work-sponsored fundraiser where Drew drank and I DD'd, then took him to Taco Bell and drove home. Anticlimactic. Do better this time, K&D.)

Totally bought some jean shorts yesterday at Target that are super cute, super soft, and make me feel young like I could go to a music festival or something. Not that I ever was into those at any point of my life or anything.... Haha.

I didn't realize how expensive it was to ship boxes of (seemingly lightweight) things until I had to make a F21 return yesterday. Sidenote - their return policy blows. Not worth shopping there.

Related note -- learned I'm either too tall for rompers or I have a long torso I wasn't aware of. Wtf?

(I have underwear with much more cheek coverage than this!!!)

I have no idea what to eat for breakfast now that my normal egg sandwiches are spiking my blood sugar levels. Omelettes? Uggggghhhhhhh...

I went 1,000% crazy on ordering stuff this week. Blame it on PMS, blame it on reading too many blogs, blame it on not leaving the house enough, whatever it is... I did major damage and it makes my cheap self cringe. Granted, I almost always use a coupon, never pay for shipping, and got a bunch of stuff we NEEDED (halogen lightbulbs for the hallway light, a whale [sale] doormat for the back deck, printer ink, a gift for a shower I'm attending, a swimsuit that will actually fit Drew, a small leather belt for me so I won't have to steal Drew's enormous one), I definitely squeezed in a few non-necessities (an off-shoulder dress, a cheap-O pair of aviators, a pair of white pants that should fit me). Also ordered some seersucker to make Lilly a birthday hat and bib set. Because I'm crazy like that.

(Practicing her hat wearing!)

I was considering getting a shorter haircut but I'm kind of in love with having this loooooong blonde hair. It's been since our wedding that it's been this long, and before that it had been my senior year of high school. I feel like it's more flattering, feminine, and slimming long. But then I see cute shorter cuts I love too. Oh well, I'm determined. No short hair until after my beach trip at LEAST. My sister says I'm looking a little "sister-wives" but maybe my next trim can get more layered-y?? Hmmm.

So far I think I wear normal people clothes about two days a week, working from home. Yikes! Working on that.


Got anything to confess? 'Fess up, y'all!

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