Wednesday, April 6, 2016

loving lately

The promise of summer + upcoming vacays + dreary weather online shopping has got me all heart-eyes over...

(I love hats for tossing over messy hair to look instantly polished. My green wool hat kept me going all fall/winter long - this seems to be the perfect spring/summer equivalent.)

(Bought this on sale for our back deck! Progress on the deck front, hooray!!)

(Didn't get this exact one, but got a cute red floral romper I'm awaiting in the mail. Come on, Fedex!)

(Instead of dropping $40+ on a custom bib and birthday hat for Lilly on etsy, I ordered fabric last night to make her a little set on my own, and Walmart of all places had the cutest coral pom-pom trim! May go pick some more up in different shades and sizes -- Target was stocking up on some too. Love this trend right now!)

(I started going through my closet yesterday and realized my collection of pants that fit are actually pretty dang limited. Swooning over these highly-rated Nordstrom jeans, thinking they may need to come live with me.)


What are you loving lately?

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