Friday, April 8, 2016

five on friday

It's that time! Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:

1. Let's talk about bras. As a breastfeeding mama, I've been stuck wearing soft cupped brassieres for the last year-plus and I am O-V-E-R them. Fortunately we've finally recently gotten to the point where Lilly eats enough solids to not have me leaking all over the place 24/7, and for the most part I'm not expanding and shrinking bra sizes dramatically all day long every day anymore. This leads me to needing a bra that fits and flatters. I used to love Maidenform in the years before pregnancy; perhaps that's a good place to look now? Victoria's Secret is lovely but usually uncomfortable. Hmmm!! Where's the best place to go these days? I need FLATTERING. For a smaller rack.


2. My car battery totally died yesterday while I was out running errands. I'm embarrassed to say I waited until an approachable man came by before I actually warranted help, and then after he got it done, I realized how easy it would've been for anyone with a car to help jump me. As my brother-in-law pointed out "Jumping a car does not require any specific genitals." YIKES. (#sexist?) Fortunately for Lilly and me, we immediately got a new car battery so we can avoid situations like that in the future. But YAY for having jumper cables on me, at least! (And now I know how to open the hood of my car.... #incompetentadult.)

3. Remember how I mentioned Lilly's a biter back in JANUARY? Yeah, that hasn't gotten resolved yet. And it's APRIL. I'm DYYYYYING. But not enough to wean her. What is wrong with me?! Why is my daughter a cannibal? When will this teething stop so I can have boobs without missing chunks again?! Help!

4. I have a personal goal right now to have at least the downstairs of my house decent enough at all times to not be totally mortifying if I have unexpected guests drop by. One too many pushy door-to-door salespeople have barged in to see my catastrophic messes, and not that I'm condoning random people coming into my house uninvited... but I know there are some women out there in the world that maintain clean enough houses that can have random people come over and not be embarrassed out of their minds. I want to be one of those women! Tell me it's not that hard!! I do have to vacuum literally every single day to maintain the crumbs / cat hair tumbleweeds and I'm all about opening windows and lighting candles for ambiance, but how hard can it be to just have things picked up all the time? (Really hard? Am I insane?)

(our current spring mantle)
5. Had to fill my first diabetes prescription of the year (new insurance year, woo hoo...) and GOOD LORD it's expensive. Over a dollar a test strip to test my blood sugar. Perhaps I've stumbled upon an alternative diabetes management system... being so cheap I have to eat perfectly and exercise perfectly to not HAVE to monitor my levels. That could work, right? (I'll let you know how it goes.)


Here's to crossing fingers that April has her sweet little one this weekend! 
I'm voting girl on the gender surprise!

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