Friday, April 1, 2016

five on friday

Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday! (Did you know they removed that video? Anyone get my reference?) Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:

1. I made my first attempt at ceviche yesterday! It was delicious in all its garlicky glory. Garlic is one of the few things I'm alllowed to indulge in nowadays with a strict diabetic diet. I was killing Drew earlier this week with my garlic breath after crushing two cloves in my guacamole. Worth it! I tried this recipe and it's a winner. I heart red onion, too. Been craving this since listening to Cheeseburger In Paradise on repeat. Give me a big-ass burger with an onion and a margarita, please!

2. I cannot seem to get the dimensions right for cellophane basket bags lately. I'm compiling one of my clients' wedding hospitality bags and needing to fit two jars of jam and a biscuit mix in each. Got one that was too small, one that was way too big. Where's my Goldilocks bag?!

3. After a combination of multiple things happening this week, I'm starting to feel major pressure to get back to a consistent, legit workout routine. Considering getting an online barre3 membership, versus watching YouTube videos, versus going in-studio to the yoga place I teach at. Why is it so hard to be disciplined? One day I hope to have a pair of mesh-inset leggings and strappy bras to motivate me fashionably to go to class. And one day I want to be a barre3 teacher. Goals! (Ps -- loving this blog. So inspiring!)

4. Much to be done on the party planning front for April. Now that it's officially April 1, I've got to dive into bachelorette party planning and finishing up Lilly's birthday paw-ty. Thus far I've got the majority of supplies at least for the birthday... bought fetching balls and stuffed dogs and going in today to the bakery to discuss her cake. Progress? Need to print my signage so I can see if it looks ok or not. Wish I had more graphic design skills these days.

{finished this up yesterday! it's my second attempt -- huge learning curve, but I'm so happy with it!}

5. This week has felt so "off." I can't keep my days straight, yesterday was a total bust, I'm tired but all the coffee in the world won't fix it. I'm almost timid to go into the weekend from here. Maybe I'll get it together in time for April. On the bright side, Lilly slept all night in her crib last night!! 🙌

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