Thursday, April 14, 2016

bachelorette party prep:: to do lists galore

On top of throwing Lilly's first birthday and kicking off the 2016 wedding season this month, I've got one of my best friends' bachelorette parties coming up this Saturday! (AHHH!) She wanted a mimosas-and-manicures affair with a lingerie shower and dinner to follow. It's going to be an intimate group (most bridesmaids live out of town and several close friends are traveling this weekend too, unfortunately), but hopefully will be a fun time for everyone!

(My bach gathering, circa 2012!)

The plans:

Manicures at cute in-town nail salon

Lingerie Shower at my house, complete with mimosa bar and cupcakes!
Dinner at hip midtown restaurant the bride adores
Downtown bar-hopping and revelry -- meeting up with the groom & his guys

To Do, as the party planner:

  • Get fruit juices / mixers for mimosa bar
  • Wrap lingerie gift
  • Arrange for some decor for festive feel at home
  • Prepare Bachelorette sash
  • Bake & decorate Buy cupcakes
  • Chill champagne
  • Blow up balloons to put on mailbox
  • Wash car, remove baby clutter
  • Tidy up downstairs - eliminate baby clutter
  • Sweep deck & porch
  • Clean bathroom
  • Call ahead to restaurant before we leave my house (!!!)
  • Get dressed up and ready to partay!

(Sneak peek of how I'm setting up the table!)

It's been a WHILE since I attended or had my own bachelorette party... I was never into the crazy debauchery of penis paraphernalia and clubbing scene (we just did lingerie in a hotel room and dinner at a restaurant for mine -- easy peasy and classy), and neither is this bride. Since it's a smaller group it should hopefully be manageable and a low-key, classy gathering of friends. Fingers crossed for a successful event!

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