Thursday, March 24, 2016

'fess sesh

After a couple weeks off, it's that time!

I do confess...

I went through and re-read my weekly recaps of my entire pregnancy with Lilly last night. It's CRAZY how much you forget over the course of a year! And funny to see things, like wanting Lillian Elizabeth to be her name from literally day one, or how CERTAIN I was that she was a boy! Definitely want to document any subsequent pregnancy the same way. It flies by!!!

A year ago! Where did it go?!

My Holy Week focus has been so out of whack. I'm feeling convicted about my heart being in the wrong place (on brunch and decorating and hosting a party, rather than the sanctity of the day). I'm in a weird place spiritually right now... Beating myself up about things / self-condemning, focusing on negatives and "shoulds" and comparison and guilt. Agh! Need to snap out and gain some perspective. Christianity is joy-filled. Where's my joy?

I made my second-ever quiche last night and it turned out excellent!!! Better than my first attempt. 

I don't truly feel like I'm living my life with intention. I let the days just happen to me, and they fly by. Is this just what happens when you're a mom? Or twenty-something? #existentiallifecrisis

I went craaaaazaaaay on Trader Joe's yesterday. Every kind of cheese? Check. Energy mix? Check. Crunchy cookie butter? Check. Eight avocados? Check check. Now, onto actually making all the dishes I bought ingredients for (thanks, Pinterest)...

We had Nacho's twice this week. And it's only Thursday morning. #enchildadasfodayz

My to-do list for all the hosting I have to do next month is forever long. But at least I got my taxes sent off to our accountant yesterday!!! 🎉

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