Monday, March 28, 2016

lilly's puppy party:: inspiration

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I got the idea for what to theme Lilly's first birthday party over the holidays. While I love mermaids and flamingos and narwhals (are you sensing a pattern?), Lilly's birthday has/had to mean something to her. And what does Lilly love? PUPPIES! We don't have a dog, but any time we're at either of her grandparents' houses or visiting my sister, Lilly goes nuts over the dogs. She loves being carried to follow them around (or chase them, when Grandmama Cass lets her around Buddy) and laughs hysterically when they jump up to catch treats. She'll babble and squeal at Zuzu and Pretty whenever she's hanging out at my parents' house and can be entertained for quite some time by setting up her carseat or high chair in front of the window at Drew's parents' place to spy on Buddy.

I've been pinning puppy party ideas for months now, and slowly started to accumulate things for the big day -- since it's happening NEXT MONTH! I found the cutest invitation suite on Etsy, which lends us a color palette overall of pink and aqua.

Certain things have been non-negotiable -- I had to have a cute invitation, balloons must be involved (I have wanted a balloon arch at a party FOREVERRRR! I had no energy to construct the arch of my dreams at my shower last spring, so this is my golden opportunity!), and the cake is top priority. Food? Not so much.

Here's what I'm thinking I want to incorporate:

  • Puppy-themed food. Nothing crazy, but some hot dogs, some punny sides, and kid- and diabetic-friendly fare. I got some low-calorie pink and regular lemonade at Trader Joe's yesterday that will be perfect!
  • A super legit cake that will be the center focal point for the party. It's going to be one of my wedding cake flavors, baked by my wedding cake baker.
  • Balloons galore! I want balloons at our mailbox, a balloon arch over the cake table, confetti balloons at the front door, and to utilize the leftover helium from Kat's baby shower/Thanksgiving. 

  • A chalkboard with info about Lilly's first year. I have pretty ugly handwriting so this is going to take some maneuvering but I have high hopes! 
  • I would LOVE to have a nice wooden high chair (painted aqua, obviously) to give her her smash cake, but that's not top priority. It seems like most cost an arm and a leg on Craigslist/facebook BST groups since it's so popular. #basicprobs
  • Some alcoholic option for my adult friends who are coming. I love the idea of parents getting to actually enjoy kid parties. Does that make me a terrible or awesome mom? 
  • A few custom outfits for Lilly. This is one of those places I have conflicting thoughts and am really overshooting. Most ideally, I want her to have a little puppy applique sun suit and matching striped monogrammed bonnet. But then (additionally? alternatively?) I also want her to have a birthday onesie and little birthday hat for eating cake. I can't decide between bloomers + bib versus basic onesie. I'm planning on making that portion myself... which if I actually do so, I've got to get on it ASAP. But then there's the question of poodle and number 1 applique with her name on it? Just the number 1 and her name on it? Just the number 1? The number 1 with a party pup? The number 1 with a different type of dog? "Birthday girl"? HELP! 
  • A couple fun things for the kids to do. Lilly loves bubbles, so I'll probably have a bubble machine on out on our deck, and a few bubble wands for kids to blow. I think I need a "fetch"/frisbee area out in the backyard for thematic purposes too. And then coloring pages with crayons. And maybe a (stuffed) puppy adoption favor table... Too much? 

And then there's the laundry list of things we really ought to get done before / by the party day...

  • Power wash deck & back siding
  • Have exterminator spray for wasps
  • Mow lawn
  • Clean Lilly's room, lower crib mattress
  • Clean / organize "playroom" and bonus room
  • Find better storage for baby bottles / pump parts
  • Actually use squeeze pouch station before Lilly's exclusively on solids (IT GOES SO FAST)
  • Finish mulching front yard
  • Kill weeds
  • Buy plants, plant them
  • Paint our mailbox teal
  • Replace burnt-out bulbs outside and in foyer
  • Replace ugly mail sorter with something more attractive/functional

And then there's Drew's expensive, unrealistically challenging list...

  • Strip & stain deck
  • Create hanging posts and string up bistro lights on back deck
  • Replace deck furniture
  • Remove satellite dish from backyard

So much to do! I wonder what things will actually make the list of accomplishments by the time the party gets here! It's like my shower all over again!

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