Thursday, March 31, 2016

'fess sesh

It's Thursday! Confessional time! Linking up with the lovely Jess (who revealed super exciting news this week -- yay!!!).

I confess...

I started to post this yesterday thinking it was full well already Thursday. WHAT? I can't keep my days straight. They all bleed into one another. How is it the last day of March??

Babies are all the rage right now. Everyone's expecting them, wanting them, birthing them, talking about them. National baby fever? Or am I just in a bubble of everyone in the height of reproductive age? Or am I just tuned into baby radar?

My own baby is going to be a TODDLER NEXT MONTH. WHAAAT?

I realized this morning I am pretty decent at conflict management when I am to blame, but not so much when others have wronged me. Need to work on that. Both are crucial!

It's not 10am yet and already I've had a day in which a bottle of wine would be really nice and fitting. Sparkling because it's morning, right? ;)

Drew and I are having conflicting thoughts about Lilly's cake. Only to be resolved tomorrow at the bakery, of course.

I can't juggle all of the plates at once. If my house is clean and I've cooked, you can bet I haven't answered a single email or touched my computer. And the baby is probably in pajamas. If I'm on top of work, hello dustbunnies and caesar salad for dinner. (And the baby is probably at my mom's. Haha.)

I adore the off-shoulder look right now but I have nothing in that style. I was really into it back in 2007ish too and then my upper body just kept getting cold. Too bad I didn't keep anything!

A lot of times I wake up thinking I have no idea how to dress myself as a young stylish mom. I pat myself on the back some, since I won "Best Dressed" at the wedding planners' group awards dinner in December (I'm obviously at least dressing myself okay for meetings and work functions!), but on a daily basis, it's a tossup. Maybe informal "mom uniforms" (like a Lilly Elsa top + brightly colored shorts + sandals every day) are the way to go. Master a formula, wear the crap out of it. Necklaces and pretty much all accessories are the killer for me. How do you wear them? Especially when the baby you're carrying wants to eat them all the time? Maybe I need to look into classic things more. Like silver cuffs. And replace my lost pearl earring. 

So, I added two cloves of garlic to my avocado (#homemadeguac) the other day before Drew got home, and he literally could not stand the smell of me that entire evening. THAT strong! Yikes!!! Laying off the deliciousness that is garlic from now on... Travesty!

I think this is all I've got for today! Hope your Thursday goes swimmingly and mine takes a turn for the best immediately! 

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