Thursday, March 3, 2016

'fess sesh

It's that time!

I confess...

I feel so torn in a billion directions as far as what I want to be doing / focusing my time and attention these days. I have so many interests, obligations, to do's... It's just overwhelming.

I am counting down the days to our beach friendcation (100!) and Savannah girls' trip (6!). Can't wait for sun and sand and fun!!!

(Lilly can't wait to see her Aunt B too!)

Budgeting sucks. But it's a necessity. Esp with a baby. And working from home. So much pressure!!!

Drew's been watching Love on Netflix this week. It's painful to watch sometimes but entertaining in a trainwreck way too.

One of these days I'll exercise consistently again. Don't know when. Don't know how. But there's bound to be motivation and discipline somewhere in me, right?

Along with confession #1, I'm so torn about how I want to be seen. We're starting a new marketing campaign at my yoga studio and I need to polish my personal brand. Strugg.

I trimmed our crape myrtle and boxwood this weekend and it had a HUGE visual impact. Obsessed!

I need to get on planning LB's 1st birthday party. Budgeting is throwing a wrench on my plans. But I got the digital invite file at least! Sneak peek below!

Baby's up! Blog time complete.

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  1. Oh my - that invitation - CUTENESS! Can't beat dogs in party hats. :) I totally feel you on feeling pulled in a million different directions. You know you're in trouble when you make a list of the things you need to make lists for. ;) Ha! Happy (almost) Friday!