Tuesday, March 15, 2016

beach with baby

I took LB to the beach on Saturday while we were visiting my sister in Savannah. Drew and I have been reading up on must-have lists for beach trip packing since we have a couple fun vacays planned this summer, so it was nice to have a little firsthand experience on what it's like to bring her while she's a little more mobile / more aware of her surroundings (she was 2 months and 8 months the other two times she's been to the ocean). Here's the insight I gathered:

Pack more and varied toys for the long car ride to your destination. Little ones get really restless riding for 8+ hours so have things to keep them entertained.

Beach toys are a must. I'm planning to stock up on a little bucket and some sand toys at Five Below or the Dollar Tree (maybe the Target dollar section, if they get summer inventory soon!), since she hung onto her cousins' sand shovel the whole time we were there.

Sunblock the baby before we get outside. Did it this time, no issues.

Don't forget swim diapers!! We didn't get in the ocean this time but we will in June & July when it's warmer... Def going to need those.

Baby powder is another must. Forgot it this time too; would've helped with removing sand.

Bring a bonnet!! Preferably a wide brim since she rips sunglasses off. May the bonnet wearing training begin...

Besides beach towels, a beach sheet is really great to have. Mom brought a twin sized Little Mermaid flat sheet that worked great. Bonus points for sand clips to keep it anchored. (target.com/p/license-boca-flamingo-clips/-/A-49146143)

Our one day trip didn't require beach chairs, but it would've been nice to have a folding chair we can backpack-carry for long days. And maybe a drink sand anchor too. 

Cooler bag -- absolute must. Ice packs, babybel cheeses, almonds/trail mix, cut up fruit, pb&js, bottled water, baby food squeeze pouches, fruit gummies, ziplocs & grocery sacks for trash, wet wipes for sticky hands, hand sanitizer (esp if portapotties are used). 

Ziplocs for keeping seashells -- bonus points. And for keeping phones sand-free!

Not necessary but nice to have would be a baby pop up tent. And a sturdy beach wagon to cart everything around.

Totally unnecessary but nice to have would be a little spray bottle with a misting fan option. Maybe look at dollar stores for one?

Also totally unnecessary but maybe nice would be a cheap blow-up baby pool to pour ocean water in for a mini saltwater pool near my chair!

Depending on where you're going, bug spray. I love Off brand's Clean Feel spray.

Obvious attire -- flip-flops, swimsuits, coverups, hats, sunglasses.

Double extra bonus points -- easy access to tiki bar with piƱa coladas or strawberry dacquiris or mojitos!! The group next to our beach setup had to-go cups of Miami Vices that looked SO GOOD! Maybe pop some La Croix in the cooler bag for diabetics & preggos? ;)

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