Friday, February 12, 2016

five on friday

It's that time again!


I have the sweetest brides ever. My April bride mailed LB this gorgeousness.

She's the Lilliest Lilly there ever was! #spoiled


The resurgence of Thursday Confessions has thinking again about Leslie Sisti, the blogger who passed away last July from a heart defect, leaving her husband and two daughters under 2 years old. I know that blogging isn't the "real world" and I did not know her or her family personally, but her death hit me really hard last July (it's just so unfathomable to think of her young daughters growing up without her, and for her husband to lose his wife so so so early), and I think of their family often. They remain in my prayers... I hope they're continually finding peace in the wake of grief.


I've been working on my embroidery machine this week since LB & I were snowed in up until last night. Result? The purchases of many designs on etsy, the discovery and download of Embrilliance Express, some Lilly Pulitzer fabric swatches getting shipped to me from Florida, and an embarrassing stockpile of blank children's t shirts from Old Navy. #ihaveaproblem #cantstopwontstop #monogramallthethings I learned yesterday how to embroider with multiple colored thread (spoiler: it's ridiculously easy)... now I just need to get on appliqué! 


I am OB-SESSED with Nothing But Thieves. I tend to be really picky and weird about music -- despite living in Music City, I've never been a huge music person. I never went to concerts, really (I've only been to two legitimate ones, and those were within the last year and a half -- needtobreathe and Tool -- eclectic, right?). Upon listening to / discovering new music, my tendency is to either be vehemently against it, totally ambivalent about it, or rarely, absolutely obsessed. There's not a ton of middle ground. Drew introduced me to Nothing But Thieves on Saturday and pitter-patter my heart... I can't stop listening.


This year has been go, go, go since day one. I'm not complaining about the abundance of social interaction we've got to enjoy EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, but as Drew mentioned to me on the phone earlier, it makes our time go by so much faster. The weeks are just flying by! I try to not glorify busyness and say no when I need to, but the days are just packed.


Do you have big Valentine's day plans? I came close to buying an Easter garland at Target earlier so I can string it up Sunday night after our low-key family date night (of eating something Drew makes at home). I used up the last of our heart printed striped straws today and we've enjoyed our "love you" embroidered table runner for a week, so I guess that's as festive as we're getting for V day. Ah well! Have a frabjous weekend, all!

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  1. Ohhh, I love your embroidery designs! Have you checked out Blanks Boutique yet? Awesome quality blank tees at great prices. They are a little thicker than the Old Navy ones we have which I love!