Friday, February 5, 2016

five on friday


Let's talk leggings. Also known as my favorite pants. I'm all about wearing legitimate pants too, but ain't nobody got time for those every day. As a yoga teacher and mom, I looooove athleisure attire. Lululemon is a favorite but I can't stomach their pricing. I have one pair of Astro crops from them that I adore (and they're a great basic!), but I've been on the lookout for years for workout attire that isn't insanely expensive but still has that high quality. I'm really picky about leggings. I'm not a fan of the "leggings" that are actually just footless tights (which give leggings as actual pants a bad rap). I was disappointed that the Blanqi pre/postnatal leggings of Instagram lore are glorified tights, and my beloved neon coral pair showed off basically my entire naked lower half when I watched them in action in a mirrored barre class. My fleece-lined White Plum and Anthro leggings are also just dang tights.

I've heard people singing praises of Zella (from Nordstrom) leggings for months. I chalked it up to them just being brand reps and getting free goodies initially. But then I tried them on. Holy batman, these are good leggings!!!! Thick, warm, ample coverage. Look like PANTS. Great waistband (not too high or too low, not too constructing but not fall-down like my poor cheap Target ones I wore throughout pregnancy). Long enough but not too long. Perfect fit. And half the price of Lulus! I haven't bought them yet, but I'm definitely going to.

Also - these. Would buy these in an INSTANT if I weren't panicking over taxes I accidentally evaded and a home budget crisis. They're infinitely perfect. Soft, comfortable, great fitting, perfect print. I would wear these every day of my life, easily. Wish list?!?


I know Valentine's Day is coming faster than a freight train, but I'm REALLY excited about Easter. Bring on the bunnies, chicks, ducks, sweet christening gowns and smocked dresses with crosses. I love love love love love spring and pastels and warm weather and white everything and the most significant holiday there is. I'm not so much into the whole Easter Bunny thing. Why cloud Christianity's cornerstone with a stupid scary giant rabbit? I highly doubt I'll take Lilly to sit in the Easter Bunny's lap or anything, but I'm fine with egg hunts when she's older and doing some small Easter basket as long as our focus as a family is always on church and the real meaning. And maybe I'll host a legit Easter brunch!!! Brunch is the best meal anyways!!


Candles are my jam right now. I used to hate them in high school and college but now that I have a house, I love burning beautifully scented candles all the time. Love Target's soy line. Got the Island Coconut and Coastal Linen ones last weekend. We still need a good oceany-smelling one but I'm super picky.


I got an eyebrow pencil after seeing some really pretty eyebrows of friends'. Heavy coloring-in is not so flattering on me (blonde middle eastern?) but the "mascara" portion is proving to be great.


I think I may have finally worn out my beloved daily habitual breakfast. (Sandwich thin + two eggs + avocado + black pepper & garlic salt) I made the mistake of having it for dinner and it's not sounding nearly so appealing anymore. Too much of a good thing? What to do as a diabetic? Maybe I'll get more into quiche... I had a moment with those a couple weeks back. Do any of you eat the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY until you wear it out?


  1. I often wear out meals and have to take a month break. I have those leggings on my wishlist! Jess at Just Jess

  2. I have never tried Zella leggings - maybe I'll treat myself to a pair after the new baby is here (when the day comes to finally put away the maternity leggings - sad face, ha!). Thanks for a great review!