Thursday, February 25, 2016

'fess sesh

Skinamarinky-linky-linking up with Jess today for...

I confess...

Low blood sugar for me feels like the poppy field scene in Wizard of Oz. Zero desire to move, to do anything. Just want to lie in a field of flowers and lay there... Speaking of which, going on walks lately has been making me hypoglycemic lately. Bizarre. I guess it's my body's way of saying, "What is this? You're EXERCISING? Haven't done THAT in a while!"

Scenes from family walks this week, haha!

I think I'm legitimately getting old, in that my back huuuuurts when I get out of bed in the mornings. Granted, it's been happening after nights when Lilly has joined us in bed and I have to contort myself a bit to make sure she won't fall off the bed but also won't push her face up against any suffocatable surface. But I used to be able to do it more painlessly. 

I'm like 1 for 6 when it comes to New Years Resolutions and Lent sacrifices. I'm also not Catholic or even Methodist anymore (card-carrying Baptist now, where no one observes Lent), I just really like goal setting, but I've sucked at all of it. The most important thing I need to be continuously attaining for us reading the bible. I was doing it daily and getting so much out of it but then I got behind. I didn't want to hit the "Catch Me Up" button on my Bible In a Year plan but I may need to since I'm getting further behind bemoaning where I'm stuck. All or nothing much?#badhabits #characterflaws??

Last week's fun concert and girls night plans got thrown to the wind when I got Lilly's awful stomach bug. It was literally the worst virus I can remember and left our whole family quarantined / out of pocket for the entire weekend. It may have been God intervening for us to quit being so social and spend time with each other for once, since i'd even mentioned that being something we were in dire need of last week. Well... We got it!

The only way I've ever gotten out of bed for a 5am hot yoga class is when I have to teach them (minus maybe two times before that EVER). And when I do teach, I'm out of commission for at least 8am - 11a to try to make up for missed sleeper. Too bad Lilly doesn't give a sh*t about that preference today! 

Good thing she's cute!

I totally forgot how amazing Trader Joe's is until I stumbled in there Tuesday when I had time to spare in Green Hills. Holy $3 mozzarella chubs! So much deliciousness at amazing prices! And in July THERE WILL BE WINE!!!

Homemade Pizza, brought to you by ingredients purchased at TJ's!

I'm constantly bemoaning to Drew the fact that our cats have a terrible quality of life // complaining that I'm an awful cat mom. In reality, they're fed, provided a warm home with thousands of soft surfaces to sleep on, kept indoors away from predators and cars and the elements, given two nasty but functional litter boxes and a private suite to do their business (i.e. Our bonus room storage space -- an ingenious idea I had one night after several glasses of wine, I do believe), and a water fountain with circulating water. They've got it pretty cushy, honestly. I feel bad (#momguilt) because they used to be my "babies" but then I had a real baby and now they're nuisances / "just cats" / irritating and loud as F. I don't pet them very often and we don't change their litter often enough and George is obese because we feed them Purina, which I've been told by a cat authority is like French fries for cats. We don't play with them or take them for walks (ha!) and there are no mice for them to chase (thank God!). And sometimes when I think about how long of a lifespan a cat has, I think what the hell were we thinking?! Because now we're stuck with them because I made a vow and I will uphold that vow. But I will never get another damn cat and I TOTALLY get now why all the moms growing up seemed to be animal haters. [insert hand-raised emoji] (Disclaimer: "Animal-Hater Moms" are obviously NOT animal haters, that's the issue! We just got in over our heads in our youth and now they're yet another entity we must keep alive despite them annoying us daily. But rest assured we'll still bawl when they die and we have to bury their tragic lifeless bodies out under the pines.) 

Seriously? I feel sorry for this? No.

That's all for now! I feel confident I'll never lack in things to confess every week, so see you next Thurs:)

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