Thursday, February 11, 2016

'fess sesh

Today I'm linking up with Jess for Confessional Thursday!

I confess:

My version of cooking dinner is throwing together Caesar salad. I would say having a baby made it this way but I honestly never really cooked real food consistently.

No me gusta winter. We've been snowed in the past three days, so my body hasn't seen the light of day since. Come on, springtime!

My tendency is to speak in Spanglish to Lilly. I don't know why I subconsciously expect her to understand it when she doesn't even speak English, but I frequently ask her "¿Quieres más leche?" and "¿Tienes hambre?" and whatever other tiny phrases my mind can conjure up of broken Spanish from my four years in high school/college.

Speaking of Spanish, I mentioned to Drew last night that I somewhat think we'll end up living somewhere where Spanish is the common language one day. (Granted, it could be America in a couple decades...) But regardless, I have a huge affinity for certain Latino cultural aspects. Like some Spanish nightclub music and "La Bamba." And "Shake Señora." And avocado and tacos and margaritas and the beach. So essentially I'm envisioning living at a Mexican resort one day...?

Breastfeeding has never been hard for me (I thank my lucky stars -- estrellas, right? -- daily!), but Lilly started biting last week and I'm dying. She draws blood, y'all!! Daily! We're working on it, but it makes me reconsider my original intent to nurse her until kingdom come.

Since my New Years resolution to stop drinking fell flat, I've resorted to giving it up for Lent. Along with ice cream. I figure that will help since I tend to drink wine to combat high glucose from eating ice cream. One day strong, haha!

Drew made me watch the X Files last night. The first episode was funny so I agreed to watch the most recent one (Trashman) and it was horrible, violent, graphic, and nightmare-conjuring. Never again.

What do you confess today?


  1. Ugh-I gave up soda for Lent & totally already had ice cream last night to make up for it? Whaaaat!? oops..#sorryimnotsorry. I'll eat your ice cream if you drink my soda!?

  2. Way to be one day strong, lady!!!!

    Ouch on the breastfeeding, gooooood luck.

    I will speak in other languages to lil kids too. I have some spanish and a few french phrases, why I don't know.

  3. Oooh, mama - good luck with the breastfeeding! I nursed Caleb until he was 11 months, and he didn't get his first tooth until 12 months, so I never had to deal with that particular form of mother torture, but I've heard it's so painful! I think anyone would respect you for putting the kibosh on that if the biting continues, but hopefully it won't! And girl - living on a Mexican resort sounds good to me. I don't know Spanish (French girl over here), but I could learn it quick if we were moving to a resort, lol:) Thanks for linking up today!