Thursday, February 4, 2016

check-ins for resolve

It's February, so time to check in with goals and see progress / room for improvement / victories and pitfalls.

(We have teeth)

  1. Wake earlier -- For the most part, I have woken around 8/830a. Not as early as I'd love to report, but better than last year. And this year we have TEETH!
  2. Make healthier choices -- Eaten more salads, made more effort to work out. Not perfect but PROGRESS, yes!
  3. Put Lilly on a more consistent sleep / nap schedule -- Getting there. Not perfect. But she's napped more often in her crib and we're working on bedtime + sleeping in her nursery.
  4. Go sober -- Ehhhh... This was not a perfect effort either. Granted my intake is much less than normal and used solely for managing blood sugar. It also makes me hella tired. How did I ever have more than one glass and stay awake???
  5. Keep house tidier on a consistent basis -- Progress on making the bed, keeping up the living room, kitchen maintenance, downstairs half bath. Needs work on bedroom, nursery, master bath, bonus. 

Things I can strive for for the remaining 25 days of the month:
  1. Get taxes squared away. Stress less!
  2. Start Lilly a savings account. Waiting on her official birth certificate to do so.
  3. Book summer vacation spots.
  4. Organize master closet so I can see what I have, what I need, and what I need to stop buying!

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