Tuesday, January 19, 2016

what to do when you're waiting on a baby

First -- let me say pregnancy amnesia is SUCH a real thing and I REALLY have to focus to remember where I was mentally and physically at 9 months preggo to write this.

Go for as many walks as you can. Oh did I say walks? I mean crawls. Because a medium-paced snail canter is about where you max out these days. But it helps with moving labor along!

(I don't suggest really strenuous hikes. I was mad as a hornet and totally out of breath here, haha.)

Eat a delicious meal by yourself. Savor that solitude! I had shrimp & grits for brunch the day I birthed Lilly. It was glorious. If you're not diabetic, get a fancy-ass mocha and a macaron and live in the lap of luxury.

Get your hair cut, colored, and blown out to perfection. If you really luck out you'll go into labor a few hours later and get to preserve that stylish look!

(10:30am before my water broke at 2pm - most considerate baby ever!)

Have a fun errand to run, like buying new eyeliner? Do it! Spontaneously hit up a boutique with narrow aisles that it isn't easy to wield a big-ass carseat carrier around.

If you can be comfortable sitting for 90 minutes, go see a movie! I still haven't been in the 39 weeks Lilly has been out of utero.

Go on a date! Something super fun. A scrumptious meal, maybe a couples' massage. Dress up that super cute humungo-bump (this is as big as it gets!!! And trust me, it's way cuter in firm basketball shape than immediately when it deflates postpartum). Don't wear heels, though. I used to get the WORST calf cramps when I wore heels that far along.

(Note the flat sandals.)

Get a pedicure and gel manicure. Admittedly, I remember thinking, "Wow! A massage chair is so much LESS relaxing when you're this uncomfortably pregnant!" But you'll be happy to have the pampering and look more pulled together when you feel like a hormonal mess afterwards.
(pinky-peach because girl)

Go ahead and schedule a pedicure for 6-8 weeks after baby's arrived. It'll be so much more enjoyable and you'll LOVE the break!

(This time you can have WINE!!!) 

Update the storage on your phone or delete old pictures you don't want or need -- that sucker's gonna get blown up soon!

Utilize nesting energy. Make the bed with new sheets (if you can reach that far), windex the windows and storm door, or maybe just hit up the fancy carwash place and have somebody else detail your ride.

Pull out clothing that might be transitional for you to wear postpartum. Hello, non-constructing comfy knit jersey sundresses! Howdy, lululemon Astro leggings! What up, sports shorts and piko tops?! Just don't bother with jeans. You won't be wearing them anytime soon, crazy lady.

(Nursing tank + sports shorts = your new mom wardrobe) 

Get an oil change if you need it, or go get a top-off if you're within 3,000 miles of your last one. It sucks waiting in a car with a hungry wailing baby, (especially in July!!!!).

See friends! It's always exciting to hang out with reeeeeeally pregnant friends. You never know when they're going to go in labor! Maybe you'll get to see it start!!!

Local ladies -- Go get the Nashville Hot Chicken Po' Boy from Party Fowl, if you have the spiciest affinity and tolerance I did while preggo. Maybe I could've even stomached the poltergeist (the hottest) version -- I was a beast with spicy food back then.

Go to Costco/Sams for one last huge haul AND/OR Schedule your Amazon Prime Pantry subscriptions. You're going to need COFFEE, coffee filters, toilet paper, paper towels, ziploc bags, cleaning supplies, Kleenexes, shampoo, soap, razors, all that stuff. Go list crazy and write out everything you'll need. Got pets? Don't forget their food and cat litter or flea/tick meds, etc!

Go to as many prenatal yoga classes as you can muster! I know you don't want to move, but it's the most relaxing thing you can do and one of the few opportunities to actually feel physically decent (rather than just SO UNCOMFORTABLE). Local? Go to Blooma!

Distract yourself with literally anything -- coffee dates, Skype calls with your long-lost BFF, shopping, reading a great book, an addictive netflix original series. I highly recommend Bloodlines!

Sleep, if you can. I know it's not comfortable either. My BumpNest pillow was my saving grace.

(sleeping like a... cat)

Make freezer meals, if they don't require a lot of standing / long prep times. Better yet, practice saying, "YES PLEASE!" to everyone who offers to bring you food. (I prepped a total of ZERO freezer meals. I ate a total of A LOT of food other people cooked or bought. Thanks, friends!)

Send out your thank-you notes. It's near impossible to write them once the baby arrives.

Go to church, the mall, Target, anywhere with lots of people with germs you don't want to infect your newborn baby with. I remember being horrified when my mom told me I needed to stay at home with baby for 8 weeks before taking her out in public. TWO MONTHS?! In reality we made it out a little earlier, but not without panicking and glaring at anyone who coughed within fifty feet of us.

(Braving Lilly-for-Target lines the Sunday before LB's birthday)

Write in that "Expecting You" section of your baby's baby book. You'll actually be writing it in the present tense and won't have to think hard to remember when you fill it out.

If you love baths, take a lot of baths. One word is going to keep you from them 4-6 weeks postpartum:  lochia. Sorry, y'all.

Organize nursery closet by size. This will make things much more manageable in the baby wear department.

Is there anything you can automate work-wise that will help you transition to maternity leave? Do anything you can possibly do to alleviate stress on the work front, ESPECIALLY if you own your own business. Set up that away message at least a month in advance of your due date so all you have to do is click the date to start that sucker up.

Put a yoga mat or large towel or dry-cleaning bag or SOMETHING in the car in case you have to ride to the hospital post-water-breaking. Because it keeps on breaking. Forever until baby comes. (Also -- BLACK LEGGINGS!)

As crazy as it sounds, enjoy this period of time. It goes by so fast (even though it feels so slow!). You'll never again be this physically close to your little one. She or he is safe in your womb, and you can selfishly enjoy keeping her/him all to yourself for just a little longer. Watch this (around the 4:30 mark) and weep.

(birthday eve eve, savoring dat bump)

Finally -- Get excited! You're going to have a baby! Your life is going to change dramatically for the better SO SOON! You literally created another human being. It is a miracle and incredible and you don't even know!!!!!

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