Thursday, January 14, 2016

the baby is eight months! {belated}

Confessional: Totally almost missed this one. Turning 8 months over Christmas -- Mama wasn't so on top of keepsaking the milestone! Sorry, LB!

Wearing:  Mostly 9-month outfits but a lot of 12-month pants and leggings. Size 3 diapers. Still getting good use out of her first couple of Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses (which are now more of precious little tops -- love the way they make them so you can get so many months' wear out of them!) layered over long-sleeve onesies, wore her Christmas ensembles pretty much daily, and lots of hairbows to parties.

{attended first book signing in matching lilly p!}

Talking: We always talk about how she's been a chatty Cathy, but this time she was legitimately talking -- said Mama and Dada for the first time this month! We about DIED when she did!

Moving: Still not crawling, but roly-poly-olying and jumping in the jumperoo!

Sleep: What sleep? Sadly our perfect nights of flawless sleep have come to an end. You will sleep in in the mornings, provided you're in our bed snuggling us/me, but the 8-12 hours of sleep are behind us. Teething?

Eating: Mostly breastmilk, but you sample other foods, eat a good deal of avocado (#likemotherlikedaughter), and sample sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, greek yogurt, the works. I'm trying to not do rice cereal much because it just seems to have minimal nutritional content, but you do still like it. You tried to snatch a cookie out of Grandma's hand the other day and she slapped it away from you. Hilarious! You're definitely one of our own!

Soothing:  You did amazing while I was gone to California, despite the distance and not being able to nurse from the tap. (I took it a lot rougher than you, fortunately!) Binky + a good snuggler are all you really need. You certainly didn't get put down very much... maybe that's why we're lagging on the crawling department. #sorrynotsorry

Health: 17.3lbs, 26", in good health!

What We Call You:  Lilly Belle, Lilly Boo, Boo Boo, Boosicle, Baby Boo, Beauty, LB, Lilly, Drama Llama, Bubb, Bubbsie, Bubby.


- First Thanksgiving!

- You learned to really jump in the jumperoo after Aunt B helped assist you.
- You said your first words -- Mama and Dada.
- You met Santa -- no tears!
- You were away from me for 4 days and did great with Grandma & Daddy!
- You spent time with your pals Levi, Sara, & Henry!

- You met Miss Eleni!

- You're a little obsessed with the gigantic caterpillar Grandmama Cass got you!

- We attended the Holiday Open House in Dulce Desserts' revamped space and you really wanted some coconut cake. Can't blame you!

- The Dyce family Christmas gathering wore you out!

- We wore matching stripes to Brentwood Baptist's Christmas concert!

- You joined Grandma and me for our traditional Christmas cookie baking day!

- Never one to miss a party, you crashed the 12th Annual Crew Christmas at our house.

- You braved yet another 10-hour car trip from Nashville to Savannah, sleeping and entertaining yourself the whole way. Perfect baby! You got a lot of Poppy time in while we were there!

I don't know how it's possible, but life does get better every month with you, precious one!

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