Thursday, January 7, 2016

new year, new resolve!

People tend to be in one of two camps, I've noticed as of late. Those that embrace the "new year, new you" concept and those that eschew it. I like to embrace it -- it satisfies my perfectionist tendencies and optimistic outlook. Of course I tend to shoot too high and get disappointed, but goals do drive me. I love the idea of a clean slate, wiping away the hurt and failure and disappointment of the previous year (esp those as challenging as 2015), and it makes me feel like we all got a forceful press of the reset button of life. 

The negative part is the shooting too high and drawing towards all-or-nothing mentalities. I want to fix everything -- every character flaw, every bad habit, even nonproductive tendency I have, the appearance of everything in my life -- and the reality is things change incrementally over series of many many small decisions. It takes a lot more work than just a resolution. The decision to change is just the first of a zillion to come. And those subsequent decisions are the hard ones to make.

I want a tidier life. A simpler, richer one. To make better choices day in and day out. Better grasp of balance and pursuit of purpose. All minor things, right? ;)
1. Wake earlier (8am or before, most days!)
2. Make healthier choices (Start legitimate barre membership / Eat balanced meals)
3. Put Lilly on a more consistent sleep / nap schedule
4. Go sober
5. Keep house tidier on a consistent basis (Make bed / Utilize nap and childcare-provided hours better / Pick up in the mornings and evenings to keep things organized / Pare through belongings all the time to have less)

So far, so good. One week in and 51 to go!

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