Friday, January 15, 2016

five on friday

It's a new year, and I'm devoting a little bit more time to this sweet little personal outlet. Perhaps I'll make it a goal to consistently do "Five on Friday" posts?


Preparation is EVERYTHING (almost). In hopes of bettering my life and business and overall everything, I'm going to be looking at preparing to set myself up for success. One way? Setting goals for the week ahead on a Friday evening/weekend. Next week, I think I'd like to...
1. Work on blog planning for personal + business blogs
2. Attempt to meal plan?
3. Figure out how I can work out next week
4. Drink no more than 3 cups of coffee (not mugs -- but what the coffee maker considers to be "cups") a day
5. Drink at least 4 glasses of water


Subconsciously, I think I made it a resolution to be more social and plan more gatherings with friends. So far, so good -- our weekends have been packed with friend dates and parties! Yay for January not being so dreary!


Sleep has been really lacking lately. Lilly is getting up 2-3 times a night after going to bed late and waking up pretty early. How will we ever get back to a consistent and ample sleep schedule? HELP!


I discovered Creative Market yesterday and am OBSESSED. The fonts! The product mockups (i.e. styled stock photography)! I'm getting really into design-y things this year and I looooove it!


Drew and I have been following the Bible in 365 Days plan on our YouVersion app, and have stuck with it thus far! We're really enjoying reading the bible -- it starts you in Genesis, Matthew, Psalms and Proverbs, and the translation is super easy to understand -- and discussing it nightly. Reading Genesis as an adult has been really eye-opening; I eschewed the old testament for so long with this ridiculous idea that it was null and void after the new testament came along. It can be hard to read, especially when you see how much sin and brokenness there was (umm, like today), but I had a revelation last week after talking to a friend about it and discovering For whatever reason, I figured that all the saintly figures in the bible didn't routinely screw up (because they're saintly, right?). But the Bible illustrates that no man was or is without sin except for Jesus and Jesus alone. So they don't sugarcoat the ugly characteristics/decisions/behaviors of all those biblical characters. It tells the full story -- for example, Lot was righteous but he still offered up his virginal daughters to be gang-raped by the villagers of Sodom (WRONG THING TO DO).

Another added advantage of actually reading the bible is that I've been given the opportunity to talk about the stories I've been reading in everyday conversation with other people. 

Admittedly, I feel like a "beginner Christian" right now. I've gone to church all my life and read chapters and books of the bible here and there, but never on a daily basis or from a wholistic perspective. It's embarrassing that it's taken me this many years to develop a consistent bible-reading practice but I'm giving myself the grace to acknowledge that it's better now than never. I'm excited to see where God takes me with this new spiritual discipline. And it's already producing fruit -- revelations, opportunities to discuss with others, and inadvertently giving me strength with temptations. (Like saying no to the multiple glasses of champagne I was offered on Tuesday night!!!!) 

{glass is full but I didn't drink it! #littlevictories}

Onto the weekend! Drew's coming home from a week working away, so we are looking forward to seeing him and hopefully getting some house organization projects tackled. I at least need to go get an oil change and drop off Goodwill donations and dry-cleaning...

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