Monday, December 7, 2015

lilly meets santa

Christmas is perhaps the holiday most heavily steeped in tradition! Lilly's first visit to Santa was one I put a decent amount of forethought into -- considering her outfit, discussing with mom friends which Santa is the best one, googling Santa hours at various locations, and making sure Drew's and my schedules aligned so we could both be present for this first.

The overall consensus from close friends was that Bass Pro Santa reigned supreme. He's supposedly very realistic (I'm not a fan of fake beards - admittedly I'm a Santa snob), not expensive to buy pro prints and they let you take your own pictures too (important for me!), and there might not be as long of a line to see him. That was our initial plan, but the only snag would be getting her to Opry Mills when Drew was off work since it's 40 minutes away and I dare not try to drive out there on a weekend (the traffic!! the crowds!! the horror!!).

Then I saw on Instagram one of my favorite stationery boutiques in Belle Meade was hosting a Cookies with Santa party last Sunday!!! I love You're Invited  (they've done wedding paper suites for my high-end weddings before) and knew if anyone would employ a GOOD Santa, it'd be them! Sure enough, we got there about 30 minutes after they opened, there was ZERO line to wait in, we got to take all the pictures we wanted, he was legit as they come, Drew got to snack on a cookie, it was free AND benefitted a good cause (they just asked that patrons bring an unwrapped gift to give to the kids at the local children's hospital) -- perfect situation.
Lilly Beth wore her sweet Santa bubble to meet the man himself! It was a Grandma gift from Christmas Village -- I just can't get over how cute it is!
We had no tears whatsoever! LB did perfectly!!! We did hop in for one family picture thanks to the YI girls, but Lilly was a pro.
We're all about coordinating family ensembles these days;) #THATfamily

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