Wednesday, December 2, 2015

hospital bag packing list

Throughout my pregnancy with Lilly, I scoured the Internet (ok, Pinterest) for months to devise the perfect hospital bag packing list. I seriously must've perused close to 100 of them, and scribbled out countless copies of my own in various notebooks and scrap sheets of paper. It was a way of coping, maniacally compiling lists upon lists! My own memory fails me a bit (since it has been seven months plus since I packed my own bag), but for all intents and purposes, here is MY list of what and what not to pack for your hospital bag (for an intended vaginal hospital birth):

{part of the bag we packed for Lilly -- we did leave the bedtime story at home though;) }


Comfy jersey knit robe. Mine was black and super soft! Helped keep me wrapped up and still feeling chic despite the obvious un-glamorous aspects of childbirthing.

Comfy jersey knit nightgown. Once again, I went with a soft black strappy option. It was easy to pull down a strap to nurse, cool enough (but warm enough coupled with the robe), loose enough to feel comfortable despite the droopy postpartum no-more-bump lumps, and once again chic. Black does wonders!!

Glasses and contacts. I wore both during our stay and get so much use out of my Warby Parker glasses now (#momlife). Contacts made me feel more like myself on the day we had a million visitors but glasses were perfect for my sleep-deprived going-home day.

Makeup! Not for everyone, but definitely helped me feel more lovely and guest-ready. I stuck with eyeliner, mascara, and Chapstick but it made a world of difference.

My Brest Friend pillow. I brought a Boppy and hated it. You don't really need to bring a nursing pillow (they have plenty of flat normal hospital pillows if you're ok with those), but the My Brest Friend helped me exponentially while getting the hang of breastfeeding in the early weeks.

Beautiful comfortable button-front-top pajamas. I wore these home on our discharge day and they were perfect! (Jersey dress also totally appropriate for going home. DO NOT BRING JEANS!)

Toiletries. The obvious necessities! Hairbrush is definitely a must-have! And makeup removing wipes.

Fluffy towel. Hospital towels are thin and non-absorbent. Loved having my fluffy beach towel to dry off after my first postpartum shower.

Pillow from home with non-white pillowcase. Hospital pillows suck. Extra blanket optional.

Nursing bras (2). I like Coobie bras (I get them here when they're on sale!) and the Stella bras from Target! 

Nursing pads. (These are the best!) I started leaking while I was in the hospital.

Lanolin (small tube) or coconut oil. Helped with painful nipples in beginning stages of breastfeeding. No need to get too crazy; I only needed to apply it a few times the first week.

Pillow + fluffy blanket + towel + jacket + change of clothes for your husband. 

Snacks! I brought trail mix, mini Clif bars, and coconut water, and all were great and got consumed. Drew brought mini Kit Kats too... They were also eaten.

Phone + charger. Lifeline!

Baby pajamas, swaddling blankets, cute newborn hat, and going-home outfit. Not too much, but enough.

Modern Family seasons on DVD. It was nice to have the distracting noise even if I didn't pay attention to it.

Socks!!! These were everything to me during labor. Cold feet, hot body. Childbirth!

Flip-flops!!!! Necessary for getting around everywhere. And showering.

Hair ties and Chapstick -- must have!!

Carseat, installed.

{definitely NOT taken when I was in actual labor}


Underwear. I know it's weird, but you're going to be rocking mesh hospital boyshorts for the entire hospital stay. No use getting good stuff gross!

Pregnancy pillow. Totally unnecessary postpartum!

Extension cord or surge protector. Really?

Laptop. Maybe if you're being induced or fearful of / expecting a really long labor, but we had no time or brainspan to mess around with computers.

Diapers or wipes. Totally not needed; they furnish it all. (Take home what they give you!!!)

Fancy delivery gown. I wanted one, but I was grateful to discard the bloody hospital gown for a clean one post-birth.

Pacifier. Two words: nipple confusion. Wait until you've established a breastfeeding routine, around 3-4 weeks.

Baby mittens. They're a choking hazard for babies. Totally unnecessary.

Water bottle. They'll keep you hydrated, don't you worry!

{Lilly Beth in her Infanteenie Beanie & swaddling blanket we were glad to have brought!}

Happy childbirthing, y'all!!

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