Monday, November 23, 2015

the baby is seven months!

I am slightly horrified that month 6 passed by as quickly as it did -- where did the time go?! 

Wearing:  A lot of 9-month clothes, but some 6 - 9 months. Just about totally done with Size 2 diapers -- we're a couple blowouts away from banning those around here. You hate socks and shoes and kick them off 24/7.

Talking: Lots of babbling with your sweet little voice, giggles (mostly still for Daddy but a good amount for me and our other family members), lots of squealing and raspberry-blowing.

Moving: You've started rolling to get places and REALLY want to crawl/scoot. We put you on the carpet in the Dellingers' living room and you turned 180 degrees.. just in the wrong direction! You're very active in baby yoga class, too.

Sleep: We lost the battle of bedtime this month, thanks to your new case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and disruptions in our normal schedule. You're back to bedtimes at any old time -- 10pm, 10:30, 9:30, etc, but you do still mostly sleep through the night and wake up around 7am. We had a couple weeks of nighttime wakings (thanks to a mini-cold and some possible teething pain), but we seem to be moving beyond that again, PRAISE THE LAWD! You do still sleep in your own crib in your own room (but we had a couple nights in the rock & play, which you barely fit in anymore, when you were sick). You still almost always take your 2-hour morning nap, but you rarely nap at Grandma's -- too exciting there!

Eating: Mostly breastmilk, but you've tried rice cereal (LOVE IT), sweet potatoes (HATE IT), avocado (lemon face at first, but now you dig it!)... and that's mostly it. We kind of suck at introducing food to you. Sorry, sweetheart.

Soothing:  Binky is still our BFF. Sometimes when you wake in the middle of the night, that's all you need to go back to sleep. You can fall asleep on my or Daddy's lap, and you rub your eyes when you get tired.

Health:  As of last appointment, you're 17lbs, 26 inches long, and have a 17.2" circumference head. We had some issues that may require estrogen cream; going back Dec. 3 to follow up and see.

What We Call You:  Lilly Belle, Lilly Boo, Boo Boo, Boosicle, Baby Boo, Honeybear, sweet love, Beauty, LB, Lilly, Drama Llama.


- You're definitely at the grabby stage -- you've picked up and knocked over two Starbucks red cups already, and go for Daddy's glass at dinner on the reg.

- You love bath time! It is your favorite time, as long as Daddy's facilitating it. You learned how to splash and have such a blast with it.

- You're moving past the "stranger danger" that came up around 5 months. You're happy to be in almost anyone's arms and looooove your Aunt B. She's the baby whisperer!

- You know how to hang up phone calls and go to new pages on my Safari browser on my iPhone -- that touchscreen is no match for you!

- You've started reaching up for me to hold you! It's so precious.

- You love animals!! You adore "petting" your kitties -- i.e., grabbing chunks of their fur and pulling it out. They put up with it because you're so cute. :) You also smile at and adore Grandma & Grandaddy's dogs -- Zuzu comes and licks your feet when you cry, and Pretty tries to lick your face to Grandma's chagrin.

- We celebrated your first Halloween and can't wait for your first Thanksgiving!

- I spent the longest period of time away from you this month, when Daddy & I were attending the BSA Gala and then had an adults-only party that Friday night. It was painful for me (pumping sucks), but you did marvelously. I'm nervous and sad to leave you next month for 4 days while I'll be in CA for a wedding, but I know you'll do great.

- You still love love love your little white bunny Great-Granny got you for Halloween. Bunny needs a bath like WHOA (you're constantly eating him and he's all matted and drool-soaked), but it's sweet to see you snuggle him.

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