Monday, November 9, 2015


November has historically been one of my favorite months -- very much still fall weather, the anticipation of the loveliest holidays, my favorite holiday itself, usually a travel month, slow on the workload. We're not doing our traditional trip to south Georgia this year, but with it being Lilly Beth's first Thanksgiving, I think we'll be able to make some really lovely new traditions!

(flower cousin time)

Aspirations for the month ahead:
  1. Make the most of fall decor (until I'm so sick of pumpkins I never want to see one again -- granted, after a pumpkin-themed shower I'm almost already there)
  2. Host Thanksgiving at our house (ideally for both our families)
  3. Go for walks around the neighborhood and nearby trails to take advantage of the crisp weather
  4. Dress Lilly in her turkey pjs as much as humanly possible
  5. Burn the rest of my pumpkin-scented candles
  6. Be intentional about planning the holiday season -- Advent, holiday parties, church events, festivals, how we're going to decorate, cookie baking days, gift planning, etc. Legitimately work on my holiday binder a la my sister Dani.
  7. Encourage a game of football in the yard
  8. Watch (part of) the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  9. Work on planning for 2016:  Budgeting, Goals, Business
  10. Attend church on a consistent basis / read devotionals and scripture every day before I scroll instagram and all the life-sucking social media accounts
  11. Enjoy time with the Boudreaus while they're in town
  12. Buy my plane ticket to CA for LJ's wedding
  13. Eat healthier, cook more, and make Lilly's solid foods (tonight we're going to try sweet potatoes!)
  14. Order Christmas cards! Can't wait to see the images from our 6-month photo shoot!
(poppy + lilly in june / poppy + lilly in november)

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