Tuesday, October 27, 2015

showering jackson henry

On the 17th, we celebrated baby Jackson at our house! I've been planning Kat's baby shower essentially since my own shower six months ago. 
paper goods + polka dots galore!

I fell in love with a paper goods suite off Etsy via Pinterest. Even better, once I was ready to bite the bullet and order them, the seller designed an updated suite for the 2015 season and it was even cuter!!! It had a lovely neutral but still thematic color palette and the most precious design elements. 

I'd always wanted to throw a fun fall party, and this was the perfect occasion. I had big dreams of a legit autumn gender reveal party last fall but between huge weddings, buying and moving into our house, and pregnancy exhaustion, it never happened. With Kat's early December due date and love for the season, the fall "little pumpkin" party was a perfect fit!
Party Details
Theme:  Little Pumpkin
Color Scheme:  Orange, Cream, Pale Blue, Gold/Taupe, little Black
Location:  Our House
Date:  Saturday, Oct 17, 2015
Paper Goods:  Miss Pok-A-Dot via Etsy
I put Drew in charge of the main course of food and perused favorite pumpkin sides and sweets on Pinterest for the rest of the menu. Some of Chad's family has celiac disease so I made sure to include a few gluten-free options (as well as some sugar-free, in case anyone else was diabetic or wanted a "skinny" version of treats -- I'm definitely a lot more attuned to potential dietary restrictions now).

Beef Chili
Chicken Chili
Chili Accoutrements
Chips, Guac & Queso
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Brownies (gluten-free & reg)
Pumpkin Dip (skinny & reg)
Peanut Butter Cake with PB Frosting
Apple Cider Punch
For decor, I tried to focus on a few key areas that would be seen and photographed rather than going too overboard and stressing out. I learn so much about party planning with every event I host or attend! The main areas I decorated this go-around were the mantle (which was the backdrop for the couple opening gifts), the food table (where everyone so often congregates), and the front porch/entrance (got to make a good first impression!!).
The back deck was an important part too, but didn't get as much attention until last-minute. We haven't spent as much time out there as we used to in our apartment; perhaps next year we'll scrub it down really well or stain it and work on making it more entertaining-friendly. It did serve us well for what we needed this go-around-- we had a perfect day of weather and clear skies, so it was lovely for the guys to drink autumnal beers and chill out there while we girls were catching up and mingling indoors! It also made for a great photo backdrop with the parents-to-be.
We had around 30-35 guests (hailing from the corners of East and West Tennessee). Made way too much food (we'll be eating chili leftovers for weeks!!), but everyone had a great time and Kat & Chad seemed to get a nice haul of goodies for baby Jackson!! 

Baby Jackson -- we can't wait for your debut! xoxo

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