Wednesday, October 14, 2015

pumpkin patching

Saturday we spent the ridiculously pretty blue-skied, perfect-weathered day and took Lilly Beth to her first pumpkin patch! Granted, it wasn't an actual farm where we picked pumpkins (more of a picked pumpkin patch to choose from, but still beautiful and appropriate for a 5-month-old to enjoy). We ended up with quite a haul of gourds & more -- violet, light green, and white Cinderella pumpkins, corn stalks, and hay bales (Drew's idea!!).

LB had a massive blowout the second we arrived, but besides some minor spot-cleaning shirts and a diaper change in the backseat, our trip was unfettered. ;)

Drew's much more of a Halloween and fall aficionado than I, so he was in hog heaven picking everything out. Of course we had to hit up Target afterwards -- stocked up on paper bats (cutesy spooky > scary), some gold cobweb cotton, and small gourds to supplement our bigger pumpkins. 
Saturday night we went to Drew's brother's house and watched UT beat UGA - go big Orange!!! Such an intense last quarter. (Much like the other nail-biters of the season -- at least we finally won this one!) 

It all made for a perfectly quintessential fall weekend. I'm so grateful to finally have one of these, after five years of crazy busy wedding seasons! Much needed, much appreciated break:)

PS -- Lilly's uncle Joe found out he passed the bar exam Friday!!! Phenomenal news for the fam!

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