Monday, October 19, 2015

lilly-boo sees the zoo!

Last Wednesday morning, Lilly & I met up with my best friend Laken and her one-year-old, Henry, at the Nashville Zoo. (Knocking out that fall bucket list, y'all!!) We've been to a petting zoo before (at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston back in July), but this was her first time to see elephants and giraffes and visit our local exotic animals. Of course, being a 5-month-old, she really didn't notice or care about the animals... But it was lovely catching up with the Chances and basking in gorgeous weather outside!

We had a day of perfect weather. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and it was perfectly crisp in the morning (ideal for sipping our lattes, which are really a mom morning "must") and warmed up by the early afternoon.

Of course I had to capture Lilly beside my favorite exhibit -- the flamingos! She totally matched their color palette in her Lilly "Tusk in Sun" baby shift dress. (Because you have to wear elephants when you go to the zoo!!)

Another newer favorite exhibit is the interactive kangaroo petting zoo! Winding pathways with real baby kangaroos (joeys!) hopping around being adorable -- so cool!

We only got to spot the elephants, zebras, and giraffes from afar, but Henry adorably would sign for them to come closer. Age one is so much fun!! (Even if Lilly couldn't care less about the animals, I enjoyed myself and she liked the scenic stroll.)

Henry's favorite exhibit -- the snakes and fish!

Nothing like childlike wonder, y'all!

We definitely can't wait to get back there with Drew when we have a free weekend! You can walk through the whole thing within 3 or so hours, so it's a nice, unintimidating excursion to take with little kids. We were pretty wiped out after we got back, admittedly. Lilly took a great nap that afternoon!

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