Monday, October 5, 2015

fall at home

Ever since the beginning of September, I've been thinking of ways to fall-itize our home. It's almost been a full year since we moved into our house and the past twelve months have entailed lotsssss of home projects. Last Halloween Drew was installing curtain rods in between passing out candy. We did a lot of arranging in preparation to host Thanksgiving last year, then worked on the nursery for Lilly's arrival. Party planning has been the biggest motivating force for us to whip our abode into shape. Kat's baby shower will mark the one-year anni of our closing date (Oct 17). We're excited to look back on all the progress over the last year by the time it comes!!!

Right now, projects on the agenda:
  • Changing out seasonal photos and frames in the living room
  • Reviving the dead parts of my dang mums on the front porch
  • Getting rid of things we don't need or use
  • Decorating for fall -- updating the mantle, dressing the dining table, putting out seasonal linens
  • Sprucing up the front yard
  • Tackling big room-scale projects, like organizing the "junk room" and nursery

Just within the last week, I painted the frames in our living room (from a so-so green weathered finish to a pretty grey-taupe satin) and updated to white mattes and smaller images; took massive bags of donations to Goodwill; pared through all the books we've accumulated through the years and had them consigned; pared through clothing and shoes, and brought several pairs of leather shoes to be resoled and repaired by a cobbler; and packed away clothing Lilly's already outgrown and pulled out/washed 6-month size gear that accommodates her now. 

The rainy, dreary weather this weekend was also a great motivator for Drew & I to get major projects done. We FINALLY went through the "junk room" and threw away a TON of trash (old mementos from childhood that don't actually hold any sentimental value to us now, old t-shirts that don't fit anymore, etc), organized party and craft supplies, and made the room actually functional (YOU CAN WALK IN THERE NOW!). We moved the cats' litter box into a storage space in our bonus room (no more unusable bathroom because it's the "cat bath" -- yay!). I tidied up Lilly Beth's nursery, reorganized her library, and utilized her toy chest and dresser drawers. Drew cleaned out the refrigerator and scrubbed the bathrooms, we got out the rest of fall decorations and pumpkin spice soaps and candles, and to celebrate it all, we hosted my parents for a late birthday dinner for my dad who turned 60 last month!

We're loving our much more livable house now. Only a couple more weekends until the big shower!

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