Tuesday, September 29, 2015

basic belle:: fall bucket list

I tend to scoff at the term "basic," but there's a time and place for conformity, and that time and place is fall in the South. Amirite? If I weren't diabetic, I'd be downing some serious Pumpkin Spice Lattes (and my personal fall-favorite, salted caramel mochas) to ring in the season. In my yoga leggings and equestrian boots. ;)

I do love autumn -- probably not so much as the majority of crazy Southerners I know and love (my love for seasons is trumped by my love for beach climates year-round) -- and this year is particularly special for our family, as it is Lilly Beth's first fall. There are only so many things a baby can truly enjoy experientially, but that's not going to keep me from making memories and taking lots of pictures to show her later in life when she CAN remember them.
On my list (some of the highlights):

1. Visit the zoo! There's nothing like glorious weather with blue skies while walking around pretty scenery, looking at exotic animals. The zoo holds a special place in my heart, as it was the setting for my junior-year sorority formal I planned (and a LEGIT one at that, mind you), as well as fond memories volunteering for Boo at the Zoo, listening to Jack Hannah at Sunset Safari 2011, and several field trips over the years.

2. Go to a pumpkin patch! We won't be going all out with a fall festival (like we've done with our nephews & niece the past several years) since Lilly's obviously too little to enjoy petting zoos and corn mazes and such, but we will be getting her a little pumpkin and taking plenty of pictures of her in her ginormous orange hairbow.

3. Host a fall-themed baby shower! This November or December, my friend Kat will be welcoming her sweet little pumpkin into the world, so I'm throwing her a shower at our house next month. 

4. Make fall treats! Apple cider punch, pumpkin cheesecake brownies, apple pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin coffee... the list goes on and on. I'm more limited now with my T1D diagnosis but I'm using entertaining as my excuse to bake and have the glorious scents of fall wafting through our house (before I get sick of it and banish all pumpkin flavored things, which inevitably happens every year).

5. Take outdoor family photos for Lilly's 6-month shoot! It is INSANE to me that I almost have a half-year-old child. We're documenting this sweet stage of her life with a little shoot by my photografriend Amy... can't wait!

6. Dress Lilly Beth in costume! We bought her lobster costume last year at Black Friday on clearance (because lobster - !!!), and I've been dying to dress her up in it and show her off because she is literally the cutest thing ever.

Any mamas got good ideas of things babies enjoy that happen to be fall-y? Lilly's really into the Itsy Bitsy Spider these days... Any fall songs babies like? Or random hand-clapping games? 

♥ KD

Monday, September 28, 2015

hi y'all!

Hi y'all!

I am a chronic blog-starter and stopper. Ever since the birth of my sweet daughter, it's become ritual for me to peruse my favorite Southern blogs over a cup of hot coffee and breakfast of avocado toast. Since reading others' brings me so much joy, I figured it would only be fitting to follow suit and write my own!

photo by Amy Nicole

My intention for this is to document our family and our adventures and to have a creative outlet to connect with other like-minded mamas. Here's to starting!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

the baby is five months!

My little bebe is 5 months already! Almost half a year!
Wearing:  You're almost all the way grown out of 3-month clothes. We had to go to Opry Mills last week to get you some PJs that fit -- super excited about those turkey printed ones for Thanksgiving! We don't have a ton of 6-month sized clothes so we'll see what you end up having in rotation (especially since the 3-months were so summery, lots of shorts and tank tops and short rompers, and now we need LAYERS). Maybe there are more Poppy hand-me-downs we'll find soon!

Talking: You are a chatty Cathy! You talk to us all the livelong day. In the car, in your bouncer seat. You blow raspberries to your Daddy and blow bubbles all the time. You're a giggly, happy, precious baby, and we're not so afraid anymore that we'll have to learn how to interact with an introvert because honey, you're pretty outgoing thus far.

Moving: You sleep on your left side at night and have almost rolled from belly to back but not quite yet. You definitely still kick your legs and flail those arms all the time.

Sleep: Ever since the beginning of September, you've been sleeping in your own crib in your own ROOM! It was a big step but now feels totally normal. You're such a grown-up little trooper! There have been a couple of nights you've hollered in the middle of the night and I'll move you into the pack & play in our room, but for the vast majority you're on your own. You sleep 10 - 12 hours at a time and take a 2-hour morning nap most mornings. Napping during the day otherwise is pretty scarce, although you've had a couple of 2-hour afternoon naps -- yay!

Eating: Still only breastmilk, every 3- 4 hours. You take bottles of all sizes when you're under the care of Grandma or Daddy. 

Soothing:  Binkies are our friend, but you grab them out of your mouth so we have to distract your hands with toys so you'll chill. Nothing puts you to sleep or calms you better than being cradled in my left arm, lying in with your stomach towards my torso.

Health:  You're in great health! Sneezing a little this week (hopefully just allergies like mine!), but otherwise wonderful.

What We Call You:  Lilly Beth, Lilly Boo, Baby Boo, Sugar Bear, Sugar Boo, Lilly, Lillian, LB, LBD, love of my life, little Chunk, sweet Baby, chunky monkey, honey bear.

Other Highlights: 

We got your first-ever pair of blue jeans this month! You are absolutely beyond precious in them. Daddy picked them out!

Your hair is finally long enough to wear a hairbow without a headband! I stocked up on the whole rainbow of colors of hair bows the week you were born (#nestingprobs), so I am just beyond thrilled that you can wear them in your pretty blonde locks now!

Grandmomma Cass got me a pair of Tusk in Sun pink Lilly Pulitzer shorts for my birthday that match your sweet little baby shift, so we've been wearing them out & about in mama-baby fashion. LOVE!