Sunday, August 23, 2015

the baby is four months!

Time has flown! I can't believe you're already four months and counting! You are 24 inches long and 14 pounds, 11 ounces. You're in the 50th percentile for weight, the 75th for head size, and 25th for length.

Wearing:  We have finally retired the newborns. Waaaaah! You are precious and roly-poly but don't fit in those hospital-era nighties or beanies anymore. 0 -3 month is still fine, as are 3-mo, 3- 6 mo, and you wear SOME 6-months but they're pretty big still. (And for whatever reason we don't have much.) I dress you in your smocked dresses (including the two newborns you have) whenever we go to a wedding meeting and you now have TWO Lilly shifts, which you wear regularly (especially on special occasions - like your Sip & See with the Sparkmons, and my birthday).

Talking: You talk up a storm in the early mornings (to Daddy's delight before he has to head into work) and Grandaddy is your favorite conversationalist! He makes you giggle, too:)

Moving: You rolled from belly to back several times for the first time July 29; and have done it off and on ever since. (You did it for me on my birthday after you repeated it a couple times on July 30 and then got scared.) You're a wiggle worm and roll to your side some when you're waking up and trying to nurse from the Pack & Play.

Sleep: We graduated you from the Rock & Play to the Pack & Play, and you sleep wonderfuly. You like having the extra room to streeeeetch all the way out. You go to bed around 9/10PM and wake up around 6/7AM. You then nurse a little and go back to sleep until 9/10AM.

Eating: Still only breastmilk, every 3- 4 hours. You take bottles of all sizes when you're under the care of Grandma or Daddy. Daddy sometimes gives you WAAAAY too much (like 7 oz!), but you haven't projectile-vomited since two months, so you're taking it just fine.

Soothing:  We've worn the monograms off your two favorite binkies. Mama probably needs to invest in a Silhouette machine herself so we can replace them;)

Health:  Your 4-month appointment was today, August 27. You got several vaccines and got weighed/measured. You're in great health and growing wonderfully!

What We Call You:  Lilly Beth, Lilly Boo, Baby Boo, Sugar Bear, Sugar Boo, Lilly, Lillian, LB, LBD, love of my life, little Chunk, sweet Baby.

Other Highlights: 

You spent your first night away from Mama on August 15. Mama & Daddy were celebrating Daddy's birthday with some friends at home while you hung out with Grandma and Grandaddy. You did amazingly! Went to bed happy, woke up happy the next morning!

You went for a ride in your front-facing stroller (the Zobo umbrella stroller) for the first time on the day you turned 3 months old. 

You also started talking to your Daddy that night -- he had you propped up on his belly and pulled you towards him to give you kisses and you cooed and talked to him the whole time! So precious.

July 26th we held your unofficial "Sip & See" brunch for you to meet the Sparkmons: Bill, Marsha & Wesley. We had mimosas, a biscuit bar (with jelly and honey and sausage and bacon and butter), fruit, blueberry muffins, and salad, and you wore your "Tusk in Sun" Lilly shift dress your Dellinger grandparents had given you from our Charleston trip. Everything was delicious and so much fun! You got to be held and walked around by Bill and Marsha, and Marsha fed you a bottle while we ate.

July 28th you came SO CLOSE to rolling from belly to back, and the next day you were rolling over on both sides for Grandma at her house! (While Mama got tricked into going to a scooter lesson!) You entertained us with more chatting with Daddy and we even caught your first giggle on camera.

July 28th was also when our friends from the Nashville Wedding Planners Group came over to bring us dinner -- chicken, rice, and veggies from Zoe's Kitchen, along with bread and watermelon. Jennifer Hamilton made us peach-strawberry shortcakes from the Back in the Day Bakery cookbook (YUM! One of our Savannah favorites!). Jennifer, Tiffani Helms, Sara Fried, Stephanie & her daughter Mimi all came.

We played the Spanish version of the Gummy Bear song for you on nonstop repeat. You love to dance to it when you're in the mood for it:)

On August 8th you got to meet your BFF Sara, as well as hang out with your boyfriends Henry & Levi. You and Henry chatted and were fascinated by each other. You and Sara haven't gotten to really connect much yet, but you did cry at the same time.

August 9th we went to the Governor's Club pool and you actually enjoyed sitting in the water and splashing around a little! Daddy splashed you in the face and you were NOT amused, but otherwise you loved it and got all tired out to take a nap in Mama's arms by the end.

August 19th you took your first nap in your actual crib! It didn't last longer than 30 minutes, but it was a start! One of these days Daddy is going to make you have to move to your own room... waaaaah!

August 20th you discovered your Sophie giraffe and started chewing on her ears. You also got to meet one of Drew's work friends, Brandon. We decided that night that you don't fit in your newborn clothes anymore:(

August 22nd Mama had a wedding, so you hung out with Grandma & Granny while Daddy worked. One of Mama's assistants, Mary Catherine, got you your first piece of jewelry -- a gorgeous silver monogrammed bracelet! Beautiful!

August 23rd you giggled for the longest time at Grandaddy and his silly voices. So precious!