Thursday, July 23, 2015

the baby is three months!

My darling sugar-bear, you're three months old! We have survived the "fourth trimester," I made it 12 weeks before I had to do an actual wedding, and you're officially an infant rather than a newborn. (Waaaaaah!!!) Where did the time go? Where did my tiny wrinkly grumpy-faced baby go?! I'm not complaining -- you're more fun than ever before, endlessly entertaining and beyond precious, more and more each day.

Wearing:  You still fit in ALL your clothes -- newborn, 0 - 3 months, and 3 months! You are my petit ami, my little love!

Talking: Oh, this is the most fun thing. You are the sweetest little coo-er! Last night we discovered that when your daddy props you up on his stomach and leans you towards him to kiss your sweet face, you give him the cutest little coos and smiles!

Moving: You are the sweetest little dancer nowadays! "Best Day of My Life" was the first song you REALLY got into (at the waterpark on our vacation in Savannah). You are just endlessly amusing, kicking your sweet little legs and throwing your arms up on the reg.

Sleep: On the day you turned 2 months, you slept 8 hours straight. You've pleasantly gifted me with nights of 8 - 9 hours of sleep a few times since, but almost always go to bed now around 11p/12a and wake up anywhere between 6 - 8am. It is DIVINE. Thank you sweet baby! You're also starting to take naps in your rock & play during the day, rather than demanding to be held 24/7. Thank you for that. :)

Eating: You're still exclusively breastfed (which I intend to continue until you're at LEAST a year old -- I may introduce you to solids around 6+ months if you seem ready, though). You go a little longer between feedings (3 - 4 hours) but not always. Sometimes you'll nurse for 45 minutes straight (slow but steady) and sleep for a good while afterwards. Growing girl! 

Soothing:  You are much fonder of your binkies these days -- it can be hard to be without one for any long length of time. You still love to be held and you LOVE your daddy's kisses.

Health:  No new vaccines since your two-month appointment, but you've been doing great! No sicknesses this month! You were a little unhappy with the vaccines, but Tylenol kept you content and out of pain. You still have bad gas pains, but we're still administering Mylicon and despite a little screaming, you're doing alright. :)

What We Call You:  Lilly Beth, Lilly Boo, sweetness, Honey Bear, sweet baby, "the baby", Sugar Bear, My Love, Love of my Life.

Other Highlights:  
You went on your first-ever vacation! We had such a blast and celebrated so many of your firsts: boat ride, waterpark, plantation tour, trolley ride, trip to GA & SC (and through NC), fireworks show (you were enthralled!), beach trip, feet in sand, touching ocean water, pool, long road trip, experience at Crab Shack, stroll around Charleston, fine dining experiences... so many things! 
You met your great-Granny Shirley for the first time! We stayed at her house July 3 - 5 in Johnson City, Tennessee. 
You met Jamie & Brian on July 17. They came over to our house while they were in town. They're getting married next May 7th! 
Your Daddy & I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Granny came over to watch you while we went to dinner at Husk on July 21.

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