Tuesday, June 23, 2015

the baby is two months!

Oh my precious baby Lillian, how could it get any better than this? You are still absolutely the light of our lives and make absolutely everything better.

Wearing:  We're still rocking the Size One diapers (mostly Pampers Swaddlers, although we do have some Huggies too). You're wearing newborn, 0 - 3 month, and 3 month clothes... it saddens me a bit that you're starting to get too long for some of your newborn rompers and sleepers, but since we got a zillion 3 month outfits from friends & family, it's been nice to have lotttttts of options for what you wear. You're mostly in outfits featuring sea creatures these days, and undoubtedly have at least one monogram on you at any given point of time. (What? You're a Southern belle!)

Talking: Just recently you started really cooing and chatting with us, and it's the most precious thing ever. Your Daddy is OBSESSED with your giggles, and the couple of times you've graced us with them, it's just the best.

Moving: You're gaining good head control every day, although you're pretty impartial to tummy time (Daddy makes you do it and you scream). You're still flailing your arms a lot, but it's funny.

Sleep: My little sleep-champ, you go 5 - 7 hours between feedings (sometimes a little more!) overnight and have never been confused between day and night. Afternoon naps don't really happen (unless you're being held) but I'll definitely sacrifice that for your long stints while we're all in bed. You still sleep exclusively in your rock 'n play sleeper and it makes me a little nervous that I haven't tried to get you in your crib at all with any luck (whoops), but I'm happy for you to be at arm's reach and you love the incline/cozy setup. You'll occasionally snooze in the carseat or Mamaroo (turned off) if you're deeply sleeping / if we need to do something without a ton of disturbances (seriously you're so considerate!). You wear your Aden + Anais turtle sleeveless sleep sack or a lightweight Halo sleep sack every night over PJs or an occasional onesie.

Eating: You're my perfect eater! Latching even better than in month 1, you've got this down and have made feedings much more efficient and shorter with time. You still need to be burped a few times in between glugs of mama milk, but I feel like I could nurse you pretty much anywhere at this point. I'm starting to get a little braver about that, too -- we'll see how our trip goes next week! During your growth spurts at 6 & 8 weeks, you had a couple days of eating every other hour during the day but usually you're still on a 2 - 4 hour feeding schedule. You eat on demand:)

Soothing:  You could pretty much take or leave your pacifier, but Grandma uses it pretty liberally with you, so you're growing a little more accustomed to taking it when you need something to calm down and go to sleep. You rarely ever go to bed at night with it and you're not afraid to spit it out and toss it far if you don't want it (usually when you're unhappy about being in the carseat). Nursing is still definitely your most preferred soothing method -- even if you've had a big bottle while someone else is watching you, first sight of me immediately sends you to start sucking on your fists or bobbing your head into whoever's holding you's arms. Speaking of which? Rooting is my favorite baby instinct of all time!!!

Health:  TRAGICALLY you got your first virus this month -- June has been a rough one for our family health-wise. You started sniffling overnight on a Sunday evening, had congestion by Monday, a 100.2 fever by Tuesday (first sick visit to the pediatrician), double pink eye (lashes fused shut from all the gunk) Friday (second sick visit to the pediatrician), but you were better by the next week (minus a little lingering cough). It was the saddest thing ever -- I called your Grandma crying SEVERAL mornings that week and your Granny and Grandma both came to stay with us during the day on two days that week to help out since you couldn't breathe unless you were held upright and I had to go to the doctor on multiple occasions too. Your Daddy and I were miserable for two solid weeks (including a weekend where we literally exclusively lied in bed wallowing in pity). Then I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last Friday (June 19) so that's put a damper on our overall family life, too.

What We Call You:  Lilly, Lilly Belle, Lilly Beth, Lillian, Lillian Elizabeth, Lilly Boo, Sweetness, Sweet Sugar, Sweet Baby, Babycakes, Little Turtle, Bunny Baby, Lilly Bear.

Other Highlights:  
Your smiles are the best thing in the whole world! You just started giving them to us consistently within the past couple of days -- the best!!!! Seeing Daddy come home from work every day is your favorite part of the day and used to be the only time you'd smile.

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