Saturday, May 23, 2015

the baby is one month!

Sweet little Lillian! I can't believe you're already one month old!

This month has been the best of my life, for sure. Your Daddy and I had no idea how good life would be with you in it; it has been the pleasantest surprise ever.

Your Grandma and Grandaddy (and Great-Granny) have been lifesavers for us. We've spent more nights at Grandma's house than at our own home (probably), and they've been such a help as Daddy has been studying for his final CPA exam. You haven't been set down very much between all of us.

Wearing: You're still fitting in all newborn clothes and still can squeeze your little roly-poly legs into Newborn size diapers (especially the Seventh Generation brand -- Pampers Swaddlers are a little snugger), but we got a pack of Size Ones to start at Grandma's at one month. We've had quite a few blowouts out the top of your Pampers newborn diapers, but they are soft and what they gave us at the hospital so we're defaulting to them at least until we run out. We especially love your neon azalea striped J Crew dress Paula S. gave you, your sweet smocked outfits Grandma & Angela Rojas made you, your monogrammed onesie (with a ruffle butt) Jenna Henderson gifted, and the purple romper Caitlin sent from Atlanta. You wear plenty of Poppy's hand-me-downs, too -- we're so grateful for all of them! (Favorites:  the "little black dress" onesie, orange elephant romper, and pink fleece elephant sleeper.)

Talking: You make the cutest little baby grunts and noises all the time! I'm acutely aware of every noise you make (I have super-sensitive hearing now, thanks to my maternal instincts ;) ) and always waiting for the sound of spit up, since you've had more than a few projectile spit-up episodes over the course of the past couple of weeks. (You've done it to Daddy, Grandma, Grandaddy, and now me.) 

Moving: You've had excellent head/neck control even since birth! When they laid you on my chest immediately after you entered the world, you lifted your little head up and turned -- one of the nurses exclaimed "You have a toddler!" Ever since, you've only gained more control as you lie against my chest (or are being burped during feeding). We started Tummy Time right as you hit One Month. It makes you hungry (you're assuming [one of] the position[s] of feeding, after all) and you have to eat afterwards, but you're a little champion as you do it.

Sleep: As long as you're in your Rock 'N Play sleeper, you sleep 3-5 hour increments at night (usually 5 hours at first) -- even the first night we brought you home from the hospital, you've been a great sleeper! It definitely helps keep Mama sane. (Those sleepless nights at the hospital were the hardest!) During the day you take several naps -- especially when you're being held in someone warm's arms. You sleep best really warm, so you've been wearing minky sleep sacks (which are still a little big for you) at night and been covered by your monogrammed blankets Laken & Katie gifted you during the day. Daddy has helped with diaper changes & burping at nighttime feedings (less so in the later weeks, since we've gotten in a groove and he needed his sleep for studying).

Eating: Since we left the hospital, you've been exclusively breast-fed. (They gave you formula a little in the hospital to get your blood sugars regulated, thanks to my gestational diabetes and a stupid Slushy they gave me in labor.) You are an excellent eater and have latched perfectly since the beginning. (You were chugging colostrum by the Saturday after you were born, thanks to some guidance from a crazy drill sergeant-esque Lactation Consultant named Carla.) My milk came in (with a vengeance) on Day 3 postpartum. We went to Baptist's Lactation Clinic when you were two weeks old and you ate 3.73 oz there. They gave us some guidance on how to deal with my over-production of milk, but fortunately it balanced out a couple of days later. Daddy started giving you a bottle of Mama's milk the Tuesday before you hit four weeks old (at Grandma's suggestion) and you take it well but definitely prefer the boob. I'm grateful:)

Soothing:  We tried to give you a pacifier at three weeks, but you're not too fond of it. You'll take it occasionally for 5 - 15 minutes at a time but usually prefer to suck your fist or arm if you really need something to soothe you. (Your favorite is to pacify on the boob. Can I blame you?)

Health:  You got the Hepatitis B shot & passed your second hearing exam the Saturday we were in the hospital. We went to the pediatrician's office when you were 5 days old (little jaundice, down to 7 lb 14 oz, great report!) and then again at 2 weeks (back to birth weight at 8 lb 9 oz, no more jaundice, had a blowout DURING Dr. Long's examination -- a huge pile of watery yellow poop landed RIGHT between Mama's sandals). Your next one will be at 8 weeks, complete with your first series of vaccinations.  You do have terrible gas pains often, but Mylicon has been a lifesaver (which we've given you since getting the go-ahead from the pediatric nurse at your 5-day appointment). One day Daddy left your medicine at Grandma's house overnight -- he had to go to Walgreen's at 12:30AM. We quickly learned that it's a non-negotiable staple to accompany every feeding.

What We Call You:  Lilly, Lillian, Lilly Beth, Lilly Belle, Sweetpea, Little Turtle, Puppy, Bunny, Lilly Babe, Sugar Babe, Precious, Baby Lilly (or Baby Willy, as Poppy says)

Other Highlights:  
As of one month, you've met almost all your immediate family members -- Grandma, Grandaddy, Great-Granny, Grandpa & Mama Cass the night you were born; Stephen, Jenn & Joe the day after; Noah at Joe's graduation party; and Aunt B, James, Riley & Poppy at one month. We'll meet your other Great-Granny Shirley on the fourth of July when we go visit her in Johnson City. Everyone is completely enamored by you (obvs!) and loves holding your sweet sleepy self at every opportunity. At the hospital, you also met Callie, Laken & Matt, Julianna & Kiggans, Kat & Chad, Katie, and my mom-friend Emily Humbert (who was working the night you were born). You met Henry Chance (your future husband? ;) or just best friend?) the weekend after we made it home when Laken & Matt came over to spoil us with homemade muffins & lasagna and a perfectly manicured lawn. Angie & Mike McKeown got to meet you May 8 when we visited the Dellinger grandparents for pizza that Friday night. You met the Stack side of the family (SuAnn, David, Skylar, Will, Aspen, Evan, Marcy, Bobby, Barb & Don) at Mother's Day lunch at Great-Granny's May 10th. We took you by Daddy's work on May 15 for you to meet his coworkers (on my way to give my emergency kit to my assistants, who you also met -- Chelsey & Mary Catherine & the sweet wedding couple Melissa & Dustin, who gave us our Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag!). You met my wedding planner friends at the NWPG meeting on May 19, and got held by Sara Fried & Ashley Reed & Jenna Henderson. I took you to Joe's graduation party at Crockett Park on May 16 (I compromised by wearing you in the Ergo carrier so you wouldn't get passed around by so many people).

We had your newborn photography session on your due date, May 6, at our house with my photogra-friend Amy Cherry. You did so great, despite three outfit changes and being carried around so much. They turned out beautifully!!! Afterwards Daddy & I took you to lunch at Crumb de la Crumb (our favorite local spot), which I was super paranoid about and covered you with your Aden & Anais blanket so no one would breathe on you. I wore you to Publix May 20th (to get some last-minute avocados & key lime pie ingredients) and you did well but cried a couple times. That Ergo carrier almost always puts you to sleep right off the bat!

I've pushed you in the stroller on many a walk around the neighborhood (including our first time with Daddy, when you were only 3 days old!) and worn you in the Ergo several times too. It's been lovely getting fresh air with you and admiring all of the roses in bloom. So glad you were born in the spring!!! My sweet April baby, how I love you!

You are very tolerant of your carseat, with the exception of any time you're remotely hungry. In those instances, you waaaaail the whole drive. It distresses me like none other! I can't stand to have my poor baby go hungry, now.

I tried to clip your fingernails once the first week we had you and ended up snipping one of your poor fingers -- you cried, I cried, Daddy wrapped your finger in toilet paper and tried to keep it elevated. I learned my lesson:  don't clip a newborn's fingernails! We haven't attempted to use them since. I have tried to file them a bit and bite off any hangnails you get, but I have definitely been scarred by that first experience. Turns out it's a rite of passage, since literally every other parent I've talked to has done the same thing. I just hate that I caused you pain!!!

Daddy's final CPA exam (hopefully the last time he has to take it, too!) was May 24th, so fingers crossed he'll be able to spend more time with us from now on! 

You are the light of our life and our favorite little person!!!!! We already can't imagine life without you, Sweetpea. From the second you were born you made everything worth the while (I'd go through labor every day of my life if that's what it took to have you!). Love, love, love you, baby Lilly!

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